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Simple, flexible, cost-effective graphic workflows.

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ChyronHego's next generation CAMIO4 application and all-new CAMIO MX server powers your graphics asset workflow and greatly expands your production team's reach.

Seamless integration with Lyric PRO, ChyronHego's industry-leading graphics creation tool, PowerClips clip servers and MOS Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) support, CAMIO4 also functions as a highly flexible content distribution tool. This versatile solution does the work of multiple devices, resulting in a direct reduction in operating expenses for your news, sports or post-production facility.

The net effect is a smooth running graphics workflow that greatly increases the speed of getting important graphics to air while eliminating mistakes.

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Key Features
  • Unicode Support

    Multiple languages are supported within the User Interface and metadata.

  • Complete integration with MOS Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS)

    MOS integration with leading NRCS systems such as ENPS, Avid iNews, Dalet, Annova, Octopus, and others.

  • Interfaces directly with ChyronHego's Lyric broadcast graphics creation application and PowerClips graphics playback system.

    This highly versatile solution does the work usually required of multiple devices, resulting in a direct reduction in operating expenses for your facility.

  • Embedded portal to Axis World Graphics,

    ChyronHego’s cloud-based self-service graphics creation and order management solution. With Axis World Graphics, your graphic assets always within easy reach.

  • Central, shared graphics access and storage

    Allows assets to be stored and administered on a central server and accessible from any workstation.

  • Powerful, expandable technology.

    CAMIO now offers faster processing and it is expandable to more users and playout devices.

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