Lyric MediaMaker

​From the timeline to air – in no time at all.

​Effortlessly integrate ChyronHego graphics with file-based workflows.

Access to your graphics has never been more critical, particularly in today’s multi-platform newsroom production and editing environments. Lyric MediaMaker™, part of the ChyronHego CAMIO newsroom workflow product line, seamlessly integrates ChyronHego graphics creation tools with file-based workflows, including ChyronHego LUCI template fulfillment.

Lyric MediaMaker extends ChyronHego’s legendary BlueNet™ graphics creation capabilities into a wide range of editing and third-party applications, including Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Adobe® Premiere® PRO, and Grass Valley™ EDIUS.

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Key Features
  • ​Repurpose and share assets within your operation.

    Graphics and animations are easily added to, and edited in, the editor timeline. Editors use the same graphics creation tools used in the newsroom, permitting consistent branding throughout the entire broadcast.

  • Lyric MediaMaker grows with your operation

    Server/Blade-based architecture is scalable to fit any size operation. Simply add MediaMaker blades as more users come.

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