Lyric PRO

​The freedom to create.

Unsurpassed graphics creation.

​ChyronHego understands that you are all about graphics workflow and having the shortest cycle time to air.

The latest version of Lyric PRO adds many new features and reaffirms ChyronHego’s commitment to a “scriptless” creative environment.

Lyric PRO is engineered with high-performance features that provide ease of use under all conditions - and by everyone on the production staff, including artists, operators, producers, directors and engineering.

Among the new features in Lyric PRO are Advanced Data Object and enhanced Auto Formatting Tools (Auto Spacing and Auto Hide), which combine to make it easy to create data bound, multi-use templates without the need to write complex scripts or macros.

Read more about these and other new features in the Lyric PRO Product Information Sheet, or watch the Lyric PRO 8.8 Tutorials by clicking on the VIDEOS tab below.

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Storytellers - New York Yankees Score with Lyric PRO

The System

    New and enhanced design

    With support for Windows® 7 64-bit playout, Lyric PRO accelerates graphic workflows that result in the shortest cycle time to air. Hierarchical grouping and key-frame timeline attributes provide designers with a familiar and interactive toolset with direct integration to industry standard applications such as Adobe Creative Suite® and Autodesk’s® 3D solutions.

    Lyric PRO is standard on ChyronHego’s Mosaic, LyricIP, and Graffiti platforms.

Key Features
  • Advanced Data Object

    Connect to any data, anytime.

  • Enhanced Auto Formatting Tools

    Auto Spacing and Auto Hide allow for simple and fast dynamic scene formatting.

  • ​Dual Clone Canvas

    Lyric PRO uses the secondary output from the GPU card to provide an active preview of both channels.

  • Touch GraphX

    Without writing one line of code, you can instantly make your scenes touch enabled. Let your on-air talent control the scenes for elections, news or sports graphics.

  • Interactive Messages

    Easily make the incoming scenes interact with scenes already on output. Interactive messages trigger events within themselves and other messages for dramatic transition effects that are easy to create.

  • Active Surface Textures

    Texture map clips and or live video onto the surfaces of 3D objects.

  • Conditional Transition Manager

    Make scene-to-scene transitions simple without any scripts or code writing. A 3D Primitive Library is provided for building 3D scenes.

  • Supported File Types

    Extensive library of supported file types, including: FBX, OBJ, 3DS, AVI, MOV, TIF, PNG, TGA, BMP, JPG, iNFiNiT!® Family, Quantel®, SGI® and many more

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