Graphics Creation.


ChyronHego played a major role in the invention of the character generator. The latest release of LyricX reaffirms ChyronHego’s commitment to broadcast graphics with superior product performance and the highest reliability in a scriptless environment. 

The tactile needs of the designer and the quick reaction requirements of the operator are of paramount importance to ChyronHego’s Lyric application team. As a result, Designers will embrace LyricX’s enhanced usability and a more accessible tool set. 

LyricX Operators will notice extensive enhancements which result in accelerated workflow and reduced time-readiness to air. 

Contact us today to schedule a demo, order an upgrade, and learn why more than 16,000 Lyric systems are installed across the globe. 

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LyricX. Graphics Creation. Reinvented!

Key Features
  • Create and playout graphics quickly and effortlessly

    LyricX has a new interface designed for exceptional ease of use and the ultimate in intuitive usability.

  • New, updated scene graph with filtering

    LyricX’s highly intuitive Scene Graph makes it easier to identify and find elements. 

  • Your LyricX, the way you want to work

    An improved usability experience and easy access to an extensive feature set means LyricX is faster and more intuitive than ever.

  • Customize, never compromise

    Take your graphics to the next level with LyricX’s powerful API.

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