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Powered by the latest version of our most powerful rendering engine, the PRIME Graphics Platform is ChyronHego’s advanced 4K-ready, 3D graphics authoring and playout solution. 

PRIME Graphics can be configured as a Branding solution, an integrated Clip Player, a unified Newsroom graphics system, a Studio Monitor solution, a graphics-driven Touch Screen solution, and finally, as an integrated extension to ChyronHego’s workflow content distribution and syncing solutions. 

Whether used together or as standalone products, PRIME Graphics is a flexible and easy to use solution for news and sports broadcasters, playout facilities, and in-venue producers offering a low Total Cost of Ownership. 


The PRIME Designer is a powerful creative tool that offers drag-and-drop intuitive design for quick and easy scene construction. Plus, the solution’s Advanced Data Object provides filtered data binding for scene elements, and seamless integration with ChyronHego’s NewsTicker™ enables access to back-end data streams.

PRIME also includes powerful and easy-to-use capabilities for building customized transitions, including ChyronHego’s unique Warp Effects technology as well as auto-follow, mask, render texture, and more. PRIME includes full Unicode support and its user interface is localized in 13 different languages.


The PRIME Graphics Platform provides full integration with CAMIO, ChyronHego's MOS-based and NRCS-connected graphics asset management solution, giving news and sports broadcasters the ability to significantly extend their newsroom capabilities.

To learn more, scroll down and explore the Tabs below for more on the PRIME Graphics Platform, including key features and other product information.

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The PRIME Ecosystem by ChyronHego

The System


    The PRIME Graphics Platform is an extremely flexible solution that adapts to your requirements. Read on to learn more…

    PRIME Branding

    Deliver bold, up-to-the-minute branding elements such as headlines, sports scores, weather reports, financial data, snipes, social media commentary, and automated promos. 

    PRIME Clips

    A multi-channel Clip Player with user-defined clip transitions, and integration to CAMIO, ChyronHego’s graphics asset management solution. PRIME Clips can play up to six HD full-frame clips or three clips with key. Up to 6 full frame HDSD clips with support for most all major codecs, QuickTime®, DNxHD. ProRes® GTC, AVC Intra, XDCam®, and many more. Folder watchers and clip convertors for transcoding are all part of PRIME’s “Workflow” toolset.

    PRIME News

    PRIME News provides full integration to ChyronHego’s MOS-based and NRCS-connected graphics asset management solution, CAMIO, as well as to its interconnected news producer tool, LUCI5, enabling the industry’s fastest turnaround from graphics creation to playout.

    PRIME Interactive

    Let your news and sports reporters tell a better story with visually compelling, data-driven interactive touch screen presentations.

    PRIME Studio Monitors

    Today’s studio set designers are taking advantage of the larger canvas offered by modern monitor display technology. PRIME Studio Monitors feed your graphics to non-standard aspect ratio monitor walls, touchscreens, integrated anchor desk monitor displays, and more. A single PRIME Channel can feed multiple monitors or span monitors in a Display Matrix.

    PRIME Workflow

    Access to your graphics has never been more critical, particularly in today’s multi-platform, file-based newsroom production and editing environments. PRIME Workflow extends your access to ChyronHego content syncing and distribution tools, such as HubDrive, as well as a wide range of Non-linear Editing and other third-party applications. Moreover, the PRIME Folder Watcher application can transcode clip formats without any operator intervention.

Key Features
  • Video I/O

    The PRIME Graphics Platform supports UHD, HD-SDI, NDI and SMPTE 2110 input sources, and UHD, HD-SDI, NDI, SMPTE 2110, and DVI output sources. Any input source can be routed to any output source.

    In addition, the PRIME Graphics Platform supports up to 8 HD-SDI inputs or outputs, configured as Video or Key, for 8-bit or 16-bit color.

  • Audio

    Full audio capabilities for all inputs and outputs including audio mixing. Supports Dolby® pass-through.

  • Automation

    The PRIME Graphics Platform supports Chyron Intelligent Interface, PBus, VDCP and Ross® Talk.

  • Scripting

    The PRIME Graphics Platform supports VBScript, Jscript, LUA Script, Shader Editor an embedded C# scripting engine with Auto Complete, Expressions Engine, and a Drag and Drop Conditional Editor with Auto Complete.

  • PRIME is Software-based

    The PRIME Graphics Platform is a software-based, resolution-agnostic solution that leverages advanced 64-bit GPU- and CPU-based technologies, 16-bit color per channel and full 10-bit I/O for maximum power in rendering graphics and effects. PRIME is available in three software tiers to meet your needs.

  • Advanced & Unique Effects

    Wow your audience with customized transitions, including unique Warp Effects, a unique special effects capability that integrates with industry-leading third-party modeling and rendering tools such as Adobe® After Effects and 3ds Max from Autodesk®.

  • Easier Design & Data Connections

    Supported by an all-new browser interface, PRIME’s drag-and-drop design allows for quick and easy scene construction. Its Scene Designer sports an enhanced timeline. PRIME’s Advanced Data Object provides drag-and-drop filtered data-binding to scene elements, and ChyronHego’s NewsTicker™ can provide back-end data streams directly to PRIME. Available data connections include Text Files, XML with XPath and XSLT, RSS, Web XML, JSON, EXCLE Access, any ODBC compliant data source, AP Web Feed, Google Spread sheets, ChyronHego Data Engine, and more.

PRIME Graphics Platform User And Technical Documention

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