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In a time of UHD and mixed resolutions, SDI and IP operating side by side, and an industry in transformation demanding the most efficient workflows, ease of use, and return on investment, ChyronHego developed the PRIME Graphics Platform.

The PRIME Graphics Platform is architected to support either independent or numerous packages that can operate simultaneously from a single PRIME server. They can be used together or as standalone products, creating a flexible yet extremely powerful solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership.


The PRIME Branding Package brings users the concepts they are familiar with from ChyronHego's Channel Box 5, including the scripting engine, the control panels, the integration with automation, and much more — with many new and innovative concepts combined with speed and ease of use. Former hardware-dependent features such as DVE, clips, audio mixing etc., are now driven by software, making the PRIME Graphics Platform an extraordinarily flexible solution.


The Clips PRIME package is powered by the PRIME Video Engine, creating a highly flexible Broadcast Clip Player. Key features of the Clips PRIME Package are the ability to play out up to 6 channels of video from a single server. Furthermore, Clips PRIME can play out a combination of pre-rendered clips and dynamic assets, such as text and graphics treated as layered clips, providing the user with even more production and playout flexibility.


The PRIME Graphics Platform provides full integration with CAMIO, ChyronHego's MOS-based and NRCS-connected graphics asset management solution, giving broadcasters the ability to extend their newsroom capabilities significantly. A newsroom user will now be able to perform operations such as selecting a PRIME clip or scene to add to a story, and to type content/drag graphics into a data field to be output to a ticker. 

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The PRIME Ecosystem by ChyronHego

Key Features
  • Scalable and flexible architecture

    The PRIME Graphics Platform is based on a modern scalable modular architecture providing a low Total Cost of Ownership as the solution will grow with your needs.

  • Improves Workflow, Saves Money, Resources & Time

    The PRIME Graphics Platform can output on one system graphics and clips that formerly required multiple systems. You get more functionality, more flexibility, and more features at a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Software-based

    As all graphics and effects are generated using GPU technology, the PRIME Graphics Platform takes advantage of the most advanced rendering providing all the power. 

  • Advanced & Unique Effects

    Wow your audience with easy to use, customized transitions, including unique Warp Effects Technology, Auto-Follow, Mask, Render Texture, and more. In addition, Clips PRIME can play images and text over clips.

  • Easier Design and Data Connection

    Drag-and-drop design for quick & easy scene construction. An all-new browser and a scene designer with an enhanced timeline. PRIME's Advanced Data Object provides drag-and-drop, filtered data-binding to scene elements, and ChyronHego’s NewsTicker can provide back-end data streams to PRIME.

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