Channel Box PRIME

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Channel Box PRIME

Increase Revenue. Retain Viewers.

Channel Box PRIME is the newest, most advanced member of Chyron­Hego’s popular channel branding solution. With over 650 Channel Box systems broadcasting around the globe, Channel Box PRIME is the fastest and easiest solution for delivering bold branding elements such as up-to-the-minute headlines, sports scores, financial data, weather reports, snipes, social media commentary, and automated promos.

Channel Box PRIME includes powerful enhancements for creative freedom and performance. One example is Warp Effects, a unique special effect that integrates with industry-leading third-party modeling and rendering tools such as Adobe After Effects and 3ds Max from Autodesk.

With Warp Technology, users can create effects and import them into Channel Box PRIME for mapping live, replaceable data onto the graphics.

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The System


    Channel Box PRIME is built on an all-new, high performance render­ engine. As a native 64-bit Unicode application that is localized in 13 languages, Channel Box PRIME’s “X”K architecture is future-proof ready to support 4K and the industry’s growing demand for ultra-high resolutions.


    For seamless data streaming, Channel Box Prime offers a full complement of automation interfaces including PBUS, VDPC, Intelligent Interface, C#, VB, UDP clients, JScript and other scripting technologies.

    Channel Box PRIME’s usability experience includes the use of Dock­ing Panels and Master Control Panels. Docking Panels allow drag-and-drop user interface customization in design or playout modes. Your favorite tools are accessed easily from the desktop

Key Features

    Wow your audience with easy to use, customized transitions, including unique Warp Effects, Auto-Follow, Mask, Render Texture, and more.


    Quality assurance feature insures operator confidence through preload of scenes to test play actions.


    Publish, share, upload and view content via Channel Box PRIME’s built-in content distribution client.

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