Unrivalled Power and Customization

The industry's most used ticker and branding CMS

NewsTicker is the undisputed leader in the ticker industry, having originated the market segment. From the beginning, we have concentrated on making lower-third displays effortless for producers, of high quality for engineers, and attractive to advertisers. 

At the core of Newsroom's integrated system is NewsTicker: a robust web-based platform for managing all content (automated, manual, viewer-generated) and broadcast automation. It's the hub of our enterprise-grade system, giving you unprecedented control over what you air, both graphically and editorially. 

From a central interface, run off of a local, highly-available server, newsroom personnel can manage all content aspects of the system. From everyday headlines to a big election, it's one seamless piece of software optimized for the task at hand. 

FreedomHD - Ticker Branding

FreedomHD is a renderer dedicated to and deeply integrated with NewsTicker and the highly articulated needs of information-based graphics.

With FreedomHD's intuitive user interface, it's easy to fully integrate your pre-rendered, branded animations with current data from NewsTicker, rendered in real-time.

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NewsTicker 5 at NAB Show 2016

The System

    Easy to use

    Managing content shouldn't introduce more problems than it solves. NewsTicker is intuitive for producers, writers and talent to use. The interface itself is fully web-based, eliminating IT headaches with installing and updating software.

    Enterprise hardware

    The NewsTicker web interface is served from dedicated Newsroom Solutions hardware at your station, giving you functionality during WAN outages. Built on Enterprise Linux and featuring high availability, your server is monitored remotely by our Client Support Center to ensure maximum uptime.

Key Features
  • Remote Entry and Management

    NewsTicker's web-based interface streamlines remote entry through popular methods including direct DMZ and VPN, if desired, eliminating limited, stripped down, and featureless OS-specific apps.

  • Comprehensive Data Feed

    Create new efficiences through TickerWire, the first and only data service exclusively for TV tickers. Localize the content, letting it automatically update the majority of your ticker data, without requiring third-party contracts.

  • Sponsorship Flexibility

    Powerful controls for rotating and displaying sponsor logos and tags gives you the ability to generate new revenue effortlessly. No other product on the market gives you the level of control and support as NewsTicker.

  • Point-to-Multipoint Distribution

    One NewsTicker CMS can drive multiple, independent CG displays with different branding simultaneously with any combination of data, timing and ordering, in a traditional, hubbed or non-MCR environment. And, you can repurpose your data to mobile, the web, and even scrolling LED signs.

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