NewsTicker Freedom HD/SD

Motion graphics and DVE with unrivaled NewsTicker integration

Powerful HD/SD graphics with timeline animation, clip play, audio mixing, and available dual-DVE.

The Freedom graphics line is a cost-effective, high-end specialty branding display solution for exclusive use with NewsTicker. FreedomHD clients include major network O&Os, Cox, Gannett, Gray, Journal, Media General, Meredith, Nexstar, Quincy, Raycom, Scripps, Sinclair, Tribune, and more.

Fully integrate your pre-rendered, branded animations with current data from NewsTicker, rendered in real-time. Leverage Newsroom's highly-articulated automation engine to control your templates according to your demands.

Combine your graphics with must-have features like completely customizable DVEs and audio tone insertion. Most importantly, count on the solid reliability of the Freedom's broadcast architecture.

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Freedom HD/SD

The System

    Designed as a fully integrated display solution for NewsTicker clients, the Freedom graphics platform unleashes your power to integrate content from NewsTicker seamlessly with the most advanced graphics engine.

    No Compromises

    The FreedomHD is a high-end speciality display engine, not a stripped-down, heavily limited CG. It gives you all of the advanced features you have come to expect including unlimited layering, 3D objects, timeline based editing, acceleration curve editing, clip play, DVE, audio insertion, and more.

    Realtime Automation

    Take your compelling motion comps to the next level with Newsroom's powerful automation engine. Not only can you use transition logic built into templates to inform design decisions, but data not even part of the scene can be inspected to generate design interactions difficult or impossible to do on inferior systems.

Key Features
  • Intuitive User Interface

    Intuitive user interface is similar to leading motion editing and 2D drawing software, making it fast to master. Regarded as easier to learn yet more powerful than mainstream character generators.

  • Dual DVE Support

    Optional dual DVE support allows you to easily add live visuals to your breaking news crawls. At the press of a button, programming can squeeze, mix an audio alert, show a second live source, and crawl your breaking news.

  • Powerful Timeline-based Motion Control

    Timeline editor gives you complete control over the motion of your objects through keyframes. The curve editor gives you power over the acceleration and deceleration of your motion for truly custom transitions.

  • 2D and 3D Object Support

    Full support for import of standard 2D images with alpha channel. Built-in 3D objects include sphere, cube, and cylinder, as well as the ability to import your own 3D Mesh objects from popular 3D modeling packages.

  • Real-time 3D Lighting

    Directional, point and spot lights can be applied to 3D objects and rendered in real-time, including changing the color of the light source via automation. They can also be animated on the timeline, creating incredible effects.