​ChyronHego’s Social Media Editor

You asked for more second screen solutions? We answered!

​Make your viewers a part of the conversation with SHOUT™, ChyronHego’s easy-to-use social media editor.

Ideal for news, sports, and entertainment, SHOUT is a software solution that lets broadcasters quickly air social media conversations, including those from Twitter®, Facebook®, Instagram®, YouToo™ and RSS feeds, using any ChyronHego Lyric-based graphics system - including Channel Box. In addition, Mass Relevance® subscribers can now insert data streams directly into SHOUT.

New in SHOUT 3.0, users can assign custom RSS data sources and icons, such as email and SMS messages. 

Enhance viewer engagement through a more interactive entertainment and information experience, and instantly create an online community and buzz around your broadcast - with SHOUT.

PLEASE NOTE:  SHOUT version 3.0 and later is purchased as an annual subscription only. It is strongly recommended that SHOUT is installed on ChyronHego systems running Lyric PRO 7.0 or greater, or any version of PRIME.

The recommendation for SHOUT compatibility is Channel Box 4.0 or greater.

To learn more, scroll down and explore the Tabs below for more on SHOUT, including customer videos, online tutorials, software updates, documentation, and other product information. 

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SHOUT Just Got A Whole Lot Louder

Key Features
  • ​Assign multiple data sources to a single tab

    Easily set and output to air a variety of social media logos for instant viewer recognition.

  • Embedded Machine Control

    Allows moderating & sequencing of multiple lists.

  • Filter and Replace Incoming Messages

    Save time moderating.

  • Custom Moderator Messages

    Insert your custom messages anytime, anywhere.

  • Two Stage Take (message preview)

    Preview all social media messages before playing to air.

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