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Broadcasters are in a unique position to gain insight into what is resonating with their audience, engage their fans in real-time, or simply learn more about viewer demographics.

SHOUT™ Metrics, an all-new extension for SHOUT, ChyronHego’s Social Media Editor, provides deep and rich analysis on Twitter data feeds — for instance, the number of Tweets per second during a specific news segment, an audience poll on a local or national political race, or a live sports event.

SHOUT Metrics empowers your producers, reporters and other social media curators by providing them with tools that normalize Twitter data. Once normalized, this data can be visualized using ChyronHego’s Advanced Data Object.

Through a simple “point-and-click”, users can easily link the Twitter data to Lyric™ scenes within Lyric PRO and Channel Box to create compelling graphs and charts without the need for scripting.

For a free 30-day trial of SHOUT Metrics, please CLICK HERE.

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Key Features
  • Start polling Twitter and downloading Twitter metrics today!

    SHOUT Metrics is available to you via a 30-Day Free Trial. 

  • Display Twitter metrics easily in Lyric without any scripting.

    Simple “point-and-click” functionality lets users easily link the Twitter data to Lyric™ scenes, instantly creating compelling graphs and charts.

  • Run multiple Campaigns simultaneously.

    Multiple data engines mean you have ac­cess to multiple sources of polling data to enhance your next production.

  • Create and run Manual Campaigns.

     In addition to Twitter, use your own pol­ling data to visualize charts and graphs in real-time.

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