Sports Tracking & Analysis


ChyronHego sits at the very heart of collecting the most accurate, consistent and reliable sports performance data on the market. Our focus is on delivering this data live to help provide more meaningful insight to a diverse range of stakeholders.

Our data helps managers to make important decisions to improve their athlete’s fitness level, reduce injuries, learn more about tactical decisions and ultimately to improve their chances of success.

We also contribute to telling much more visual stories, whether to the athletes, their coaches and managers, or to the larger audience of sports fans.

TRACAB Optical Tracking

TRACAB Optical Tracking

The world's leading camera-based sports tracking system for capturing the live positions and movements of players and balls.

TRACAB is employed across entire leagues such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and Major League Baseball, as well as some of the largest international sports tournaments including UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup.

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ZXY Wearable Tracking

ZXY Wearable Tracking

A high-performance, wearable sports tracking system using the very latest in advanced Radio (ZXY Arena) or Satellite (ZXY Go) positioning technologies, for use within indoor, outdoor, fixed installations or portable applications, as well as training or in-game scenarios.

Designed to deliver the ultimate in accuracy, data richness and flexibility for assessing the physical performance of athletes in all sports.

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Coach Paint

Coach Paint

Coach Paint is a powerful and user-friendly video analysis tool designed specifically for coaches and video analysts in all sports. It utilizes highly advanced, yet easy to use video control, drawing and visualization tools perfected over a decade on sports TV analysis shows, and packages all of this power into a laptop ready to be used anytime and anywhere.

Coach Paint is used by some of the world’s most successful teams. Its power has been further enhanced through its ability to import tracking data to power automated video illustrations.

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