Chilean Mobile Marketing Agency Celmedia S.A. Chooses ChyronHego Virtual Placement

Chilean Mobile Marketing Agency Celmedia S.A. Chooses ChyronHego Virtual Placement

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Thursday, August 28, 2014

ChyronHego’s Virtual Graphics Solution Enhances Celmedia’s Mobile Value-Added Service Offerings for Advertisers and TV Broadcasters

ChyronHego today announced that mobile marketing agency Celmedia S.A. has signed a deal to include multiple ChyronHego Virtual Placement licenses. Celmedia has begun using the virtual graphics solution to create realistic virtual product placement campaigns in cooperation with its customer base of advertisers and major television channels in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.

“We are truly satisfied with the many features and capabilities of ChyronHego´s Virtual Placement,” said Juan Carlos Silva, chief executive officer at Celmedia S.A. “The solution has been well received by the technicians of TV channels, required very little training for our team, and makes live virtual product placement insertions an easy process. As our business continues to grow, we believe that the positive response we are receiving from our local market will allow us to implement a similar business model in other Latin American countries.”

“Celmedia’s use of Virtual Placement is a testament to the versatility of the solution, which can be implemented within various production settings to enhance and deliver bold visual content,” said Tomas Bastinec, managing director at ChyronHego Czech s.r.o. “Having completed a unique project marking the first Latin American virtual water exhibition, Virtual Placement has proven to be a success for Celmedia and its customers.”

In addition to Virtual Placement, Celmedia has also purchased ChyronHego’s easy-to-use Paint sports telestration application and is in the early stages of implementation with customers. Using a variety of feature-rich telestration tools, Paint is used to visually analyze gameplay by graphically enhancing and highlighting video.

About Celmedia S.A.

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