ChyronHego to Exhibit at CAPER 2015

ChyronHego to Exhibit at CAPER 2015

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Friday, October 23, 2015

ChyronHego will exhibit October 28-30 at CAPER 2015 with partner BVS TV on Stand H-50 at Argentina's Centro Costa Salguero.

Lyric64 — All-New Graphics Technology and Playout Platform
As a true 64-bit application, Lyric64 offers a single powerful solution for graphics creation and playout. Lyric64 includes a new and updated user interface including point-and-click access to data using ChyronHego's Advanced Data Object technology, with seamless usability and easy access to Lyric’s rich and extensive feature set. In addition, Lyric64 is resolution-agnostic, with full support for authoring and playout in nonstandard aspect ratios and resolutions of 4K and beyond. At CAPER, ChyronHego will showcase Lyric64 in a 4K environment and in an advanced video wall application.

CAMIO 4.2 — Graphics Asset Management 
At CAPER, ChyronHego will feature CAMIO 4.2, a significant update of the company’s award-winning CAMIO graphic asset management solution. A highlight of CAMIO 4.2 is a complete redesign of LUCI, the modular interface for producer fulfillment of graphics in newsroom computer systems, with tight integration across the entire ChyronHego product line. With CAMIO 4.2, LUCI has been fully re-engineered to utilize forward-thinking technology for more flexible and powerful interfaces on PCs, Mac® computers, or tablets — giving producers an at-a-glance overview of all information they need to deliver breaking news to air. With LUCI’s simple and clear workflow connecting the newsroom to the art department and the control room, users can focus on writing the news and breaking it first.

Paint 6.2 — Bringing Game Play to Life
At CAPER, ChyronHego will highlight Paint 6.2, a new release of the company’s industry-leading telestration solution that features comprehensive support for 4K productions and integration with EVS and popular replay solutions. Paint 6.2 also includes the ability to export directly to an EVS. The Paint family includes advanced production analysis and telestration tools designed specifically for the needs of sports broadcasters. With Paint 6.2, broadcasters are able telestrate a 4K stream in an HD broadcast without any loss of resolution. Paint Live, a solution targeting live OB productions with the ability to produce a fill and key output, will also be showcased. Paint Offline, and the unique offline workflow that enables users to leverage file-based import and export of video for creating graphics on laptops at any time and from any location, will be showcased. In addition to Windows® support, Paint 6.2 is now available on Mac® platforms.

Channel Box Prime — Next Generation Channel Branding 
ChyronHego’s popular Channel Box channel-branding system and multi-purpose graphics system offers the industry’s fastest and easiest solution for delivering bold branding elements such as up-to-the-minute headlines, sports scores, financial data, weather reports, snipes, social media commentary, and automated promos. At CAPER, ChyronHego will demonstrate this next generation system. Channel Box Prime has been re-engineered for the 64-bit environment and localized in 14 languages. With an all-new dedicated rendering engine and scene designer, Channel Box Prime is completely geared to broadcasters’ specific requirements for channel branding and playout. In addition, Channel Box Prime includes powerful new features for creative freedom and performance. One example is Warp Effects, a never-before-seen special effect that integrates with industry-leading third-party modeling and rendering tools such as Adobe After Effects and 3ds Max from Autodesk.

VidiGo Toolbox — Instant Integration of PC and Web Content 
VidiGo Toolbox from VidiGo, a ChyronHego company, is an advanced solution that integrates any PC or Web content into a live TV broadcast. With just a few mouse clicks, VidiGo Toolbox enables operators to select and grab any desktop content, play back any codec, and access video communications tools such as Skype®, Google Hangouts, and Viber. The most reliable and easy-to-use software product in its category, VidiGo Toolbox includes a grabber, VLC plug-in, still store, and generic return signal for video calls with a separate overlay for each function.

SHOUT™ Metrics — Powerful Social Media Analytics
At CAPER, ChyronHego will demonstrate SHOUT™ Metrics, an extension of the company’s easy-to-use SHOUT Social Media Editor. SHOUT Metrics provides deep and rich data analysis of social media data — such as the number of Tweets per second during a specific news segment, an audience poll on a local or national political race, or a live sports event. SHOUT Metrics’ point-and-click functionality makes it easy for users to link Twitter data to Lyric scenes and instantly create compelling graphs and charts.

Virtual Placement — Powerful Virtual Graphics
Virtual Placement from ChyronHego is a powerful tool that turns the complex art of placing virtual graphics within live video into a quick and simple process. Virtual Placement can be used in many different live broadcast scenarios, from augmenting physical studio sets with virtual objects or live broadcast graphics and video feeds, to enhancing much larger scenes such as sports arenas, race tracks, or landscapes. At CAPER, ChyronHego will showcase the latest release of Virtual Placement, which features the all-new Scene Tracking engine that allows for sensorless real-time and true 3D camera tracking in almost any environment. Scene Tracking is specifically targeted at live sports production.

TRACAB™ — Image Player-Tracking System 
At CAPER, ChyronHego will showcase its world-renowned TRACAB™ player-tracking system, representing the pinnacle of sports-tracking technology. Using ChyronHego’s advanced, patented image processing, TRACAB identifies the position and speed of all moving objects in a sports arena, uniquely in true real time. TRACAB captures live and highly accurate X, Y, and Z coordinates of each viewable object — a player, a referee, or even the ball — at up to 25 times each second.

For any team sport, TRACAB’s information-rich data offers a powerful tool for coaches to enhance team performance and also gives clubs an exciting new revenue opportunity as new groups of stakeholders — sponsors, broadcasters, and other media — discover the data's potential for enhancing football fans' experience. Spanning almost a decade of continued development and deployed across the most demanding live sports environments and many thousands of sports events, TRACAB has matured to become the defining standard in live sports tracking and the world’s leading system in this field.