ChyronHego to Exhibit at Expo Cine Video Televisión 2016

ChyronHego to Exhibit at Expo Cine Video Televisión 2016

MELVILLE, June 20, 2016

ChyronHego will exhibit at Expo Cine Video Televisión (Telemundo), June 28 - July 1, at Mexico City's World Trade Center, Stand E-4A.

“Many of today’s broadcasters are migrating away from proprietary hardware-based workflows and towards all-IT software-based production environments. The resultant efficiencies and cost savings mean they can focus more on effective storytelling to attract broader classes of viewers across all devices and platforms. With a focus on content creation, the CAMIO Universe is a comprehensive and integrated software suite that producers can use to address every aspect of news production. At Telemundo, we’re looking forward to showing attendees several key elements of the CAMIO Universe that can help make content generation quick and easy, with the ability to move to an opex business model for more efficient and cost-effective operations.” ~ Aldo Campisi, VP, Latin America, Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal

ChyronHego products at Telemundo 2016: 

CAMIO Universe
ChyronHego will showcase its all-new CAMIO Universe, a comprehensive software-based newsroom production ecosystem that empowers producers and journalists to create compelling news stories and deliver them rapidly to air. The CAMIO Universe is driven by CAMIO, ChyronHego’s industry-leading graphic management server. 

CAMIO not only controls ChyronHego’s industry-leading Lyric graphics creation environment but also offers powerful template-based tools within a significantly expanded production ecosystem, including the company’s Metacast weather graphics solution, the PowerClips multiformat production clip server, and GS2 Multi-Touch touchscreen-generation platform, as well as the VidiGo Live Compositor video switching solution and Neon, a virtual graphics solutions from ChyronHego’s partner Hybrid. CAMIO’s LUCI user interface gives producers, journalists, and video editors instant desktop access to all of these tools. 

At Telemundo, ChyronHego will demonstrate LyricX, an all-new release of the company’s flagship Lyric graphics creation and playout solution. Based on ChyronHego’s industry-leading Lyric PRO platform, LyricX harnesses the power of 64-bit architecture to offer unprecedented performance in graphics creation and playout — now with 4K graphics support. 

LyricX is powered by ChyronHego’s high-performance HX Graphics Platform. A central component of LyricX is an all-new keyboard/control surface that exposes all familiar Lyric functions and offers programmable LCD keys that can be completely configured for any use case. With the revamped user interface in LyricX, users can configure screens for specific programs, such as news shows, and they can easily switch between these individual environments.   

Hybrid Neon
Offered in partnership with ChyronHego, Hybrid’s Neon is a simple and powerful trackless virtual set system. Neon leverages Hybrid’s Krypton3D engine and Ozone external control application to provide a sensorless virtual set solution. Using fixed camera signals on a green screen, Neon allows astonishing virtual camera motions such as virtual roll, pan, travelling, and crane movements. The solution requires very little studio space, as the physical camera remains stationary. All of the complex camera moves that Neon supports are performed in software. Because no tracking system is used, setup time and system costs are significantly diminished. This also allows Neon to be a portable virtual studio system.

Live Compositor and Live Assist
At Telemundo, ChyronHego will highlight Live Compositor and Live Assist, two solutions from the company’s VidiGo family of innovative IT-based software for live broadcast production workflows. Live Compositor is an intuitive software solution for live multicamera TV production that includes a video switcher, audio mixer, video players, and a graphics engine supporting real-time Adobe Flash Graphics. Designed with a powerful, intuitive user interface, Live Compositor fits into a single flight case to provide a go-to tool for on-location production.

Live Assist is a highly flexible playout automation engine that works in tandem with Live Compositor. The solution offers an ultra-intuitive user interface and open API for smooth integration with an existing newsroom system, and it operates in three modes: Linear Production Automation, Non-Linear Production Automation, and Data-Driven Production Automation. Linear Mode is ideal for news production in which a news rundown is available or in newsroom production environments driven by ChyronHego’s CAMIO Universe. Non-Linear Mode is ideal for users who need a fully configurable user interface while working in venues such as arenas or stadiums. Data-Driven Mode provides producers with a variety of options by connecting Live Assist to external data feeds.