ChyronHego to Exhibit at Government Video Expo 2014

ChyronHego to Exhibit at Government Video Expo 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

ChyronHego will exhibit at Government Video (GV) Expo 2014 December 3-4 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., Booth 603.

ChyronHego Products at Government Video Expo:

Paint — Video Telestration and Analysis
ChyronHego’s Paint is a powerful video production telestration and analysis tool. Its power lies within its sheer simplicity of use and its feature-rich toolset that can be used by anybody on the production team, whether behind the camera or in front of it. Paint is used to visually analyze content by graphically enhancing and highlighting video via a variety of telestration tools. Within a typical production, dozens of telestrated clips can either be created live or stored at the ready for near-live replays or post-production analysis.

GS2 Multi-Touch — Visually Stunning Touch Screens
GS2 Multi-Touch is a feature-rich studio touch-screen system that drives some of the most responsive, technically advanced, and visually impressive interactive presentation solutions in television. The platform has been deployed on many hundreds of high-profile live studio productions by some of the largest broadcasters and used to enhance their coverage of sports events, elections, and other live show material. Based on a real-time broadcast graphics engine optimized to handle the specific challenges posed by on-air interactivity, GS2 Multi-Touch offers a multilayered development and delivery platform with unrivalled potential. GS2 Multi-Touch empowers broadcasters to tell the story in a highly intuitive and natural manner while enabling them to interact with the content directly and confidently. 

Lyric PRO 8.8 Graphics Creation Software
ChyronHego’s Lyric PRO provides a single, powerful solution for graphics creation and playout, designed to shorten cycle time to air for highly compelling broadcast graphics. Hierarchical grouping and key-frame timeline attributes provide designers with a familiar and interactive toolset and direct integration to industry-standard applications such as Adobe Creative Suite and 3D solutions from Autodesk. At Government Video Expo, ChyronHego will preview new functionality within its upcoming Lyric PRO version 8.8, scheduled for release by the end of the year. The latest innovations include new scene and application parameters useful for data visualization; Advance Data Object, offering a multitude of external data sources that enable access to any data, anywhere; a new Data Processor tool for efficiently evaluating and modifying data, such as a live weather feed, before it is rendered graphically; a new Connection Manager that allows users to control any external device through network or serial communications; and a new Intelligent Interface Manager that allows unlimited serial or network connections in a multitude of encodings.

Virtual Placement — Powerful Virtual Graphics
Virtual Placement from ChyronHego is a remarkably powerful tool that turns the complex art of placing virtual graphics within live video into a quick and simple process. Without requiring specialized camera encoders or lengthy calibration processes, this tool allows virtual graphics to be placed into a scene within minutes of setup and ready for use in a multitude of applications. Virtual Placement can be used in many different live broadcast scenarios, from augmenting physical studio sets with virtual objects or live broadcast graphics and video feeds to much larger scenes, such as sports arenas, race tracks, or landscapes. The aim throughout is simple — to place virtual elements into a live scene and make them look physically real and in harmony with the environment into which they are projected. 

HeliPaint — On-the-Fly Graphics 
ChyronHego’s HeliPaint is a dedicated news telestrator designed for helicopter coverage. HeliPaint leverages ChyronHego’s advanced sports telestration and tracking technology to provide helicopter-borne reporters with innovative, easy-to-use tools that enhance news and breaking news coverage. HeliPaint telestration can be performed over a live feed or still freezes. Powered by ChyronHego’s real-time image-tracking engine, HeliPaint can lock graphics in place, even as the camera moves. HeliPaint's small footprint is matched by its price, providing an economical high-visibility presentation tool that is a perfect fit for tight spaces and budgets.

PowerClips — Fast-Access Clip Server
PowerClips is ChyronHego's next-generation, multi-format production clip server. Designed for use in the most demanding broadcast environments, PowerClips enables the playback of animated and still clips such as bumpers, station promos, and coming-ups. PowerClips’ tab-view user interface offers total control by allowing the operator to lay out all command and control panels according to their operational requirements. Based on ChyronHego’s GS2 graphics engine, the PowerClips platform is available as a 1RU, two-channel standard model or as a 2RU, four-channel fully optioned system. 

Channel Box 2 — Channel Branding & Promo System 
The newly enhanced Channel Box 2 Branding and Promo System features 2D/3D design with a complete data acquisition toolset for all branding applications. Built on ChyronHego’s Lyric PRO technology, Channel Box 2 allows users to access any data — up-to-the-minute headlines; Now, Next, Later promos; sports scores; financial data; weather reports; social media commentary; and more — and publish it on-air anywhere, anytime. The latest Channel Box 2 software (v.5.0) features an all-new Scene Designer with a real-time canvas for getting scenes to air faster, an embedded C# development environment for limitless scene designs, an Advanced Data Object tool that allows users to acquire external data anytime, and quality assurance tools to ensure error-free scenes.