​See it. Play it. Now.

Centralized playout control.

​In today’s fast-paced broadcast environment simplified playout operation is critical. iSQ, ChyronHego’s Intelligent Sequencer, allows a single user - when connected to a CAMIO server - to control multiple Lyric® playout or PowerClips channels from a single work surface.

As a single point of control, iSQ’s flexible architecture enables the consolidation of multiple independent channels represented as individual playlists.

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The System

    iSQ’s Intuitive Interface 

    ChyronHego understands that every control environment is different. That’s why iSQ’s playlists are user-definable. Customize iSQ to show only the information you need to see in a clear, concise form. Viewing thumbnail images of all the messages in the playlist are configurable, as are screen layouts showing preview and program outputs or just the preview output at the top of each playlist.

    Stories are easily identified with user-selected alternating colors - enabling the user to see at a glance how many objects are left in a story. Specialized production skills are not required to use iSQ.

    Intelligent Playlist Positioning™ automatically corrects the playlist and cues the appropriate graphics during rundown changes preventing on-air mistakes.

    Control and Flexibility 

    Included with iSQ is the Cueboard, a dedicated USB/PS/2 keyboard that you can use for the most common iSQ functions, supporting up to four channels of graphics output. Add an additional Cueboard to allow control of up to eight channels of graphics output from a single work surface.

    Dedicated buttons are clearly labeled and logically positioned to allow for rapid on-air use. The Cueboard also includes unused keys which can be easily programmed to provide functions unique to your workflow.

Key Features
  • Take Control

    Control multiple ChyronHego Lyric or PowerClips channels simultaneously from a single interface.

  • See Everything

    Multiple rundowns can be loaded simultaneously, so that back-to-back shows can be monitored and executed within the current rundown.

  • An Easy Reach

    ChyronHego’s customizable CueBoard puts immediate control of any graphic in any playlist at your fingertips.

  • No Errors

    iSQ’s Deficient Asset Indicator clearly indicates if any assets are missing prior to going to air.

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