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Enhancing the Fan Experience

Transforming the Arena

Presenting interesting content on your stadium displays, such as your stadium scoreboard, can be a challenge. Live Arena helps you to control your media from a single user interface.

Today’s sports arenas are transforming into multi-use media centers. Whether you want to display team information, live Internet feeds, Social Media tickers, video playout or display advertisements on the stadium scoreboard, big screen or internal television network, Live Arena makes it easy.

Even your non-technical staff can link visuals to game elements, invite the audience to vote for the “Player of the Game"; entertain them during a time-out or inform them after the game.

At the core of the Live Arena is the Live Compositor. Live Compositor is a powerful and intuitive software solution for live multi-camera production. Video switching and audio mixing, a powerful video effects engine, multi channel graphics, multiple clip players, and robotic camera control are built in and packaged in an easy to use all-in-one solution. Live Compositor's intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone on your staff to learn and operate.

To learn more about Live Arena, scroll down and explore the tabs below where you will find key features, product documentation, and other information.

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Live Arena. The Audience is Yours.

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Key Features
  • Football App

    The Football Application makes it easy to display the team lineup, score, timing, goal animation, substitute and fouls.

  • Live Compositor is perfect for ANY sport

    ChyronHego or your in-house Flash Developer can create designs for any sports event!

  • In-Game Advertising

    Live Compositor opens up a variety of commercial possibilities. For example, you can link commercials to the game action such as when a goal is scored a specific ad is displayed on the big screen. Set-up of sponsor content is fast & easy.

  • Content & Data Integration

    Content can be uploaded through RSS feeds to update game information or real-time information during a match (game).