Playlist PRO

​Multi-Device Playlist Controller

Unified Control

​Looking for a low-cost, feature-rich, single point of automated or manual playout control? ChyronHego’s Playlist PRO has you covered.

Playlist PRO™ is a multi-device playback controller software application specifically designed for multi-system facilities.

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The System

    Playlist PRO’s user-defined set of commands control Channel Box2, Mosaic, HyperX3.1, LEX3.1, MicroX3.1, and XClyps products from ChyronHego, as well as other non-ChyronHego devices such as routers, servers, and switchers.

    The Playlist PRO User Interface features a simple-to-use “drag and drop” Ul-builder that allows users to create a customized “cockpit” view. Event-based commands such as Play, Stop, Delay, Load, Update Scene, and Close are easily positioned within Playlist PRO’s user interface.

Key Features
  • ​Single Point of Control

    Simultaneously control multiple ChyronHego graphic systems.

  • Drag and Drop User Interface

    Easily build playlists and browse assets.

  • Built-In User-Created Control Panel

    Quickly create a personalized view of the Playlist PRO application.

  • Control Targeted Systems via Intelligent Interface and GPI

    Automate the scheduled playout of assets.

  • Control Non-ChyronHego Devices

    Automated or manual control of additional devices, such as switchers, servers and routers.

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