Sports Data Interfacing

​Real-time Sports Data.

Fans demand it and teams must deliver. Access to real-time sports data is a critical advantage when creating and updating graphics of sports scores and game stats. ChyronHego understands this, which is why we continue to develop leading sports data interface applications.

Sports Scoreboard is a stand-alone software licensed application that allows real-time ingestion of sports data into Lyric PRO 8.8, PRIME, and Channel Box.

Sports Scoreboard parses scoreboard data streams from leading scoreboard providers, including Daktronics, Whiteway, Fairplay and OES. 

For a free 30-day trial of Sports Scoreboard, CLICK HERE.

GSIS Sports Data ingest application monitors Microsoft Message Queuing for incoming raw data from the National Football Leagues's (NFL) GSIS server, and translates the data into locally stored XML files accessed by ChyronHego graphics applications.

For a free 30-day trial of GSIS Sports Data, CLICK HERE.

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Key Features
  • ​Live "in-game" information

    No need to manually enter game information.

  • Persistent live sports score banner

    The application does all of the work. Set it and forget it!

  • Update scores on canvas or on-air on selected frame buffers

    Ultimate flexibility. Take full advantage of effect in/out.

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