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Bringing game-play to life through the power of the Illustrated Replay™

Paint is a powerful sports production analysis tool, designed specifically for the needs of sports broadcasters. Its power lies behind its feature-rich set of tools and its sheer simplicity of use. The result is a highly productive tool that can be used by anybody within a sports production team, whether they are behind the camera or in front of it.

The newest version of ChyronHego’s leading telestration and analysis solution, Paint 7.0, includes many new features, including 3D calibration and arrow, 4K in/out, NDI in/out, and Formation Tool. 

Paint is used to visually analyze game-play within sport by graphically enhancing and highlighting video using a variety of Paint's highly intuitive telestration tools. We call the resulting combination of replay, graphics and analysis, "Illustrated Replay".

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The System

    One system, many sports

    Paint fits effortlessly into sports production workflows and is ready to run within minutes of being unpacked. It comes complete with everything you need to start analyzing sport, including a touchscreen interface and jog-shuttle control. Just plug it into your video source material and off you go.

    A wide selection of graphics highlighting tools, a built-in chroma keyer and integrated camera tracking capability enable compelling content to be created simply and swiftly. Paint also supports real-time 4K video recording, allowing users to pan/scan and zoom within the video without losing resolutions when broadcasting in HD.

    Finally and most important of all, it works with any sports content you wish to use it with, from Football to F1, Basketball to Baseball, Horse Racing to Hockey – you name it, Paint can paint it.

    Supported Codecs (Partial List)

    J2K; MJPEG; DNxHD; H.264 / AVC/ MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10

Key Features
  • ​Powerful yet simple to use

    A comprehensive range of graphical highlighting tools for creating in-depth sports analysis by anybody.

  • 3D Pitch Calibration

    The 3D pitch calibration and arrow tool allows for enhanced real time 3D graphics, showing ball trajectory and enhanced on field visualization. 

  • New Formation Tool

    The new formation tool is a live interactive tool where talent can tell tactical stories using on screen counters, and telestrate on the field. Available for NFL, Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Baseball and Handball.

  • Moveable Players

    The moveable players effect allows the commentator or operator to move players to different positions on the pitch or field. The players may be highlighted with a glow, removed from the field, and they can also be scaled in size.

  • Editable Clip Export

    Clips can now be shared between Paint servers in an unflattened state. The new Clip Export feature allows a clip to be passed between Paint servers while keeping all of the elements editable.

  • Advanced In/Out Effects

    In addition to standard effects, Paint 6.0 now supports more advanced in/out effects, such as Scale In/Out, Extend Along the Stroke in Freehand Mode, Scale Up and Down, and more.

  • A built-in chroma keyer and tracking engine

    Enables discrete and tied-to-pitch virtual graphics enhancements to be created.

  • Integrated disc recorder

    To ingest, store and transfer many hours of HD quality content to and from.

  • Baseband or File-based

    HD video content can be ingested from up to 3 live input channels, or through file-based IP transfer.

  • Customized tools and user interface

    Adjust the tools to suit your house look and feel, or for in-vision use, the GUI can be adjusted by ChyronHego to match your branding.

  • 4K video support

    Record 4K video and use the built in real-time "region of interest" tools and output in your video in HD. A true 4K tool you can use today!

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