Paint Live

Live Sports Enhancement

Redefining Live Telestration

Paint Live is a new and powerful upstream sports telestration tool that includes two HD-SDI outputs for Fill and Key. Paint Live is based on ChyronHego’s popular Paint sports analysis solution, which means it can be easily upgraded and an experienced pool of operators is always available for your next live production.

With the unique ability to change the interface to match the user's exact requirements and a comprehensive set of tools for visualizing different parts of the play or highlighting individual player performance, your on-air team gets what they want and exactly how they want it.

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The System

    Powerful Tools, Simple and Easy to Operate

    Paint Live comes complete with a comprehensive set of tools for visualizing different parts of the play or highlighting individual player performance. These tools feature freehand drawing as well as clarifying highlights, drawing, marking and other common telestration tools.

    In addition, Paint Live is totally self-contained and easy to setup, requiring only simple SDI-in and SDI-out connections to work with either SD or HD content alike.


    Paint Live employs internal, real-time image tracking that keeps graphics to tied to the field, even as the camera moves. A unique method of chroma keying can be used upstream to perform the image tracking, making it much easier for the technical director to manage Paint Live’s output.

Key Features
  • A dedicated sports telestrator designed with ease-of-use in mind.

    Paint Live’s intuitive interface and broad functionality means that informative and visually appealing telestration is quick and easy to create. 

  • Includes a built-in, unique upstream chroma keying method and a tracking engine.

    Graphics stay tied-to-the-ground, even as the camera moves.

  • Paint Live offers the ability to brand the user interface.

    Match your house-style's look and feel to Paint Live's UI

  • Present the way you want, whatever is most comfortable for your operator or on-air talent.

    Paint Live can be controlled either by mouse, touchscreen or optional tablet remote control.

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