Live Production Solutions


ChyronHego’s Live Production solutions are used by thousands of the industry’s leading broadcasters, commercial and public radio stations, sports arenas and video production companies all around the world.

Whether you want to fully automate a newscast, create a high quality visual radio experience or boost stadium experiences, ChyronHego’s Live Production solutions are the answer.

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Live Production

ChyronHego Live Production Solutions is a turnkey software-based solution operating on standard IT hardware that manages every task associated with today's professional video production workflow.

Instead of a large crew that works indepently with dedicated equipment performing the same task each time, ChyronHego Live Production solutions are an all-in-one system that allows production crews, new or experienced, to create professional broadcast content. Today’s broadcasters have to do more with less. ChyronHego's Live Production Solutions, such as Live Compositor and Studio MediaMaker, offer various degrees of automation from 0 to 100%.

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