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Stay ahead of your competition with our graphic solutions for sports

Sports fans are notorious for being the most devoted and the most demanding of TV viewers. They increasingly want to see ever more complex and detailed analysis on the field of play. ChyronHego provides these essential tools for enhancing your live sports production with incredibly agile and accurate solutions.

Sports image

Broadcast Graphics

Eye-catching, statistically rich graphics, ChyronHego's award winning solutions help you tell a better, more compelling story.

ChyronIP, GS2 Graphics Engine, Lyric PRO



Get the most out of your graphic assets and get to air quickly and easily with ChyronHego’s integrated workflow tools.



Production Tools

Creating advanced yet simple to use sports production tools is just one of the things we do best. Check out the variety of integrated production tools designed with one goal in mind - to make your next broadcast the best it can be.

GS2 Multi-Touch, MediaMaker, Paint, SHOUT, Sports Scoreboard for Lyric


Virtual Graphics

Flexible, fast and easy to use virtual graphics enhancements for sports production, utilizing highly accurate image processing & virtual imaging technology.

Virtual Placement


Sports Data

Eye-catching, statistically rich graphics are a critical element to telling a great sports story. That's why sports broadcasters around the globe know that when it's game time - it's game on with ChyronHego.

Player Tracking

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