Player Tracking

​TRACAB Player Tracking System

Player Tracking

Discovering the who, what, when and where of live sports action

​The TRACAB System from ChyronHego represents the pinnacle of tracking technology. It uses advanced patented image processing technology to identify the position and speed of all moving objects within arena-based sports, and does this uniquely in true real-time.

The resultant live data of highly accurate X, Y and Z coordinates is supplied 25 times every second for each and every viewable object, whether they are players, referees or even the ball. Spanning almost a decade of continued development and deployed across the most demanding live sports environments and many thousands of sports events, the TRACAB Player Tracking system has matured to become the defining standard in live sports tracking and undoubtedly the world’s leading system in this field.

A short collection of Player Tracking videos, as debuted by Major League Baseball Advance Media (MLBAM), can be viewed below. ChyronHego's TRACAB Player Tracking and Trackman's Doppler Radar ball tracking technologies are highlighted.

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MLBAM Player and Ball Tracking - ChyronHego & Trackman

The System

    Uncovering the DNA of Sport

    The data created by the TRACAB system offers huge analysis possibilities, whether that is for broadcasters, other media, sports federations, clubs or fans. It can provide insight into assessing metrics of performance and game-play such as distance run, speeds, stamina, team formations, set-plays and many more. It can also feed a wide range of visualization platforms, whether they are 3D, Interactive or Mobile, to help better explain how a game unfolded.

    Broadcasters can use the data to help tell the story better to sports fans so their pundits and expert analysts can use data to explain the dynamics of how games have been won or lost and to empirically support the hunches they might have.

    Athletes and Clubs can equally use the data by analyzing it to find their “Moneyball” golden nuggets to help craft their strategic and tactical approach to gameplay that improve their chances of success.

Key Features
  • ​Captures data from every moving object in the game

    Camera-based approach means that the whole field of play within an arena is accessible without intruding into the game itself.

  • Delivers all data totally live

    The data is delivered 25 times per second in total real-time -that means absolutely no latency from the system.

  • Robust design

    The system can either be permanently rigged into stadia or can also be used in a portable capacity for one-off events.

  • Proven, stable and mature

    The system has been used across many thousands of sports events, multiple sports and all weather conditions and is currently in its 4th generation.

  • Interfaces with many visualization platforms

    Including broadcast graphics systems, telestration and large touchscreen systems, the Web, second screen apps or gaming engines.

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