A Powerful, Virtual Set Tracking Solution

ChyronHego’s top-of-the-line virtual set tracking solution, Plutonium, combines power and precision. Tracking solutions provide real-time, precise camera motion within 2D or 3D computer-generated backgrounds. From hand-held, XYZ movements to PTZF, we employ an open and scalable solution for tracking virtual reality - whether using our precise motion tracking robotic camera support, or interfacing with any of the third-party tracking systems available.

ChyronHego’s robotic tracking systems employ ”Zero Delay”, which means there isn’t a requirement for video and audio delay. We provide a set of tools for the most accurate and flexible calibration, which is critical during set up and live production.

Plutonium’s real-time graphic engine is Krypton. Based on the OpenGL standard, which ensures compliancy and fast evolution, our core rendering engine allows impressive, realistic and real-time graphic effects.

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Key Features
  • Integrated with most of the existing external tracking devices such as Mo-sys, Motion Analysis, Vinten, etc.

  • No video/audio delay when combined with Hybrid’s robotic tracking support systems

  • Rendering of 3D virtual set and graphics from the same rendering engine

  • High accuracy calibration and camera tracking tools

  • HD and SD formats supported

  • All types of movements are supported from handheld to jib movements

  • Flexible production workflow

  • Integrates seamlessly with automation and vision mixers

  • Multiple Inputs/Outputs

  • Powerful graphic and special effects capabilities

  • Multi-layering

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