Virtual 1st

Down & Distance Solution for Football

Immerse your fans in virtual graphics.

Sports broadcasts that are graphically rich can boost ratings through the delivery of an engaging and easy-to-follow story for viewers. Virtual graphics let broadcasters quickly analyze gameplay and they provide immersive insight to fans inside and outside of the stadium.

Virtual 1st, ChyronHego’s innovative Down & Distance solution for Football, combines video overlay and sensorless camera technology to help broadcasters quickly analyze gameplay and tell an engaging and easy to follow story.

With Virtual 1st, a single operator easily inserts virtual lines of scrimmage, 1st down lines and animated graphics to highlight down and distance that can be customized to match your unique on-air or in-stadium style.

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The System

    Using up to 3 camera feeds, Virtual 1st employs video overlay and sensorless camera technology within a single rack-mounted server.

    Ideal for use in stadiums and mobile units, Virtual 1st features an easy-to-use interface including a powerful chroma key and functions without the need for camera sensors.

    The system requires minimal operator training and broadcasters can go from set-up to air in as quickly as one hour.

Key Features
  • Leave the camera sensors behind!

    Virtual 1st removes complexity by employing sensorless camera tracking technology.

  • Simple to deploy.

    On–Air-ready in as quick as 1-hour. 

  • Enhance your on-air brand.

    Import animated graphics to create your own on-field marker style.

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