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Live Assist is our Playout automation engine that sits on top of Live Compositor. It offers an ultra-intuitive User Interface and open API for smooth integration with, for example, your existing newsroom system. 

Live Assist is a highly flexible automation engine that is capable of operating in three different modes: Linear Production Automation, Non-Linear Production Automation, and Data Driven Production Automation. 

Linear Mode is ideal for news production where there is a news rundown available and in instances where ChyronHego's CAMIO Universe is operating. Non-Linear Mode is the perfect automation solution for users who want a fully configurable user interface, such as arena or stadium venues. And Data Driven Mode provides producers with a variety of options by connecting Live Assist to external data feeds.

Say goodbye to complex and partial automation of singular hardware devices. Welcome the most advanced and easy to use workflow for live newscast automation.

To learn more about Live Assist, scroll down and explore the Tabs below where you will find Key Features, a System Overview, product documentation, and more.

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The System

    Live Assist

    Live Assist automates all Live Compositor features. With Live Assist, it’s easy to create, load and control a rundown. It allows you to combine scenes into running orders and to simply drag and drop the elements to compose a story. Live Assist integrates with newsroom data systems and it is the perfect solution for any scripted show where last minute changes to the rundown may occur.

    Engine and Live Assist 

    At the core of Live Assist is our Engine with the Live Assist user interface package. Live Assist is an intuitive software solution for live multi-camera TV production. It includes a video switcher, audio mixer, video players and a graphics engine that supports real-time Adobe Flash Graphics. Live Assist’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone on your staff to learn and operate. Travel-ready in a single flight case, Live Assist is the perfect tool for production on location.

    Less Cost. More Creativity.

    We believe everyone can produce broadcast-quality content, but with less cost, in less time, and without the need for large crews. System integration issues should never get in the way of a great production. With Live Compositor and Live Assist, it’s all about rapid set-up times, single operator control and the freedom to try out new production ideas.

Key Features
  • User-defined Automation

    Live Assist offers various degrees of automation, from 0 to 100%.

  • Easy integration with newsroom systems

    Create rundowns automatically or manually.

  • One solution. Many uses.

    Live Assist is ideal for news, sports, weather and game shows.

  • The freedom to produce.

    Compose scenes, from simple camera shots to multi-layered events.

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