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Toolbox captures any PC or Web content and converts it to live TV with just a few mouse clicks.

Toolbox lets you use any desktop content, play back any codec and use video communication tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts and Viber in your production. Toolbox includes a grabber, VLC plugin, still store and generic return signal for video calls with a separate overlay for each function.

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Toolbox at NAB Show 2016

Key Features
  • Grabber

    Select and grab any PC or Web content such as YouTube, PowerPoint and Google Earth and put it on air. It’s that simple. Toolbox is the perfect software-based desktop grabber for any broadcaster using online content.

  • VLC Plugin

    Having trouble playing a video file with an unknown codec? If VLC can play it, Toolbox can air it! Simply drag and drop your video files into the VLC player and playback videos files in your broadcast.

  • Still Store

    Bring any image on air with the still store, now including a playlist and the “Ken Burns Effect”. 

  • Generic Return Signal

    Toolbox has a generic return signal option for online communication tools such as Google Hangouts, Skype and Viber.

  • Separate Overlay

    Capturing and presenting logos or graphics as an overlay has never been this easy. Prepare separate overlays for multiple sources, like a YouTube logo for YouTube content or a Google Hangout logo during a video call.

  • Complete GUI Redesign

    Toolbox’s new design now offers an even more intuitive user interface. There is no need for specific technical knowledge or training, the icon driven interface speaks for itself. For each function only the relevant configuration settings pop up, enabling a fast and easy workflow.

Tech Specs
  • Video Call Return Signal Over SDI

    Communicate (audio and video) with the other party without harming the SDI output.

  • Support Different Outputs

    Toolbox output supports NTSC, 625/25 PAL, 720p50/59.94/60 Hz Hz 1080i50/59.94/60.

  • 2x x SDI Video Output

    SDI output signal with separate key and fill. Integrated VLC to SDI converter.

  • Audio and Video Output

    - 2 x SDI output (fill and key)
    - Embedded audio on SDI fill signal
    - NTSC, 625/25 PAL, 720p50/59.94/60 Hz, 1080i50/59.94/60 Hz
    - SMPTE 259M-C, SMPTE 292M
    - 16 bit 48 KHz audio
    - Blackburst or Trilevel

  • Image & Video File Support

    - PNG, JPG, BMP

    - All video formats supported by the VLC Media Player

  • Operating System

    Windows 7 Professional 64 bits.

  • Hardware

    - HP Z440 (Xeon E5-1620v3, 8GB DDR4-2133 (2x4GB) RegRAM, 1 TB, W7 64 bit) or similar configuration.
    - NVidia [register mark] GeForce GTX 750 or better video card
    option 1
    - Deltacast DELTA-sd-e 12 SDI Card (facilitates SDI return signal)
    option 2
    - Blackmagic DeckLink Quad SDI card (facilitates SDI return signal)
    option 3
    - Blackmagic DeckLink Duo (using one channel for the output signal and one channel for the input signal or no SDI return signal);
    option 4
    - Deltacast DELTA-sd-e 02 (no SDI return signal)

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