You’re inundated with competition and you need to be versatile to adapt to what eyeballs – and sponsors – crave. From touchscreens and branding to graphics and video walls, you have to myriad of clips and graphics to display. Broadcasters large and small are standardizing on PRIME Graphics, using the platform for news, entertainment, corporate, government, house of worship, and sports applications.

Our new version of PRIME Graphics 3.0 employs a stacked-array of graphics and playout features using a single-solution paradigm. And in today’s competitive news environment, there are several reasons to standardize on a versatile solution like PRIME – here are 5 of them:

1. It’s Future-Ready: 4K- and HDR-enabled 16-bit color (both HLG or S-Log3 formats) and support for the new SMPTE 2110 standard;

  • HDR-enabled means that PRIME Graphics 3.0 outputs HLG HDR or S-Log3 HDR formats so you can adapt your output to your needs. Producing in HDR gives you a competitive edge – especially when consumer TVs are touting HDR compliance.

2. Configures 5 Different Ways on a Single Platform: Branding, integrated clip player, unified newsroom graphics, graphics-driven video walls, or integrated touchscreens;

  • PRIME Graphics conforms to your needs – helping you pare down your CAPEX expenses during this time when revenues are shrinking.

3. Resolution Agnostic: Output to any resolution & any number of outputs – especially useful for large video walls and studio monitors. And, it’s all synced and automated;

  • Images and backgrounds are getting more creative and taking over studio visuals; by outputting any resolution, your studio walls are covered.

4. Access Your Assets: Graphics are at-the-ready in today’s multi-platform, file-based newsroom environments;

  • Maintain easy access to your graphics and clips for seamless workflows. And, when integrated into CAMIO, our MOS-based, NRCS-connected graphics asset management solution, you extend your newsroom capabilities.

5. Max Rendering Power for Graphics & Effects: Leveraging advanced 64-bit GPU- and CPU-based technologies;

  • You need the most powerful graphics engines to provide you realtime, fast playout and rendering.

Equipped to support the most sophisticated broadcast operations, PRIME Graphics 3.0 leverages the latest in IP-based workflows, delivering rich, high-resolution, high-dynamic-range images that give productions a competitive edge.

For more information about PRIME Graphics 3.0, check out our video and product information or download our white paper, A Statement of Position on Advanced Technologies – IP, HDR, and 4K.