Once upon a time the game was the draw. Teams needed only to put their players on the field and the fans would happily put down their hard-earned cash to fill the seats.

Then something changed. We changed.

Technology invaded our lives and introduced so many demands for our attention, while creating alternate means for sports to be viewed and experienced away from the stadium and arena.

Of course, the hardcore fan was unaffected. Technology for them was more boon than bane. Everything from new sports networks to sports blogs, podcasts, and social media fed their unending hunger for the latest news about their favorite team.

The story, however, was a little different for the more casual fan. Why drive to the stadium or arena when you could watch your team compete from the relative comfort of their home or corner pub. Besides, that television you’re watching the game on is now a full on, over the air, over the top entertainment hub. Producers tap into the technology of 21st century live sports production, making sure that you’ll see every camera angle, experience every replay, and hear the every sound of the game as if you’re right there in the arena.

If the game itself is no longer enough, then how do you entice people back into the stadium? To borrow a pun, turn-about is fair play…

As we’ve all seen, reinventing the stadium or arena as a destination – adding shopping, dining, and other team-branded recreational amusements is only part of the answer.

Recreating the broadcast viewing experience for the fan inside the stadium or arena, whether they’re in the cheap seats or high-end suites, can be the answer.

New stadiums and arenas are architected and constructed with this in mind. Video scoreboards and center-hungs have grown to immense proportions. The same telestrated replays, off sides and line markers, and even the advertisements are more visible and immersive than they would be from your man cave’s Samsung 82-inch Eclipse Silver QLED 4K UHD Smart HDTV.

ChyronHego offers in-stadium producers with the same quality live production tools that have enhanced broadcast live productions for decades. Now, these same tools not only enhance, but also advance the in-venue fan experience to new heights.

Your fans want more. ChyronHego graphics solutions for in-venue live sports production help producers tell a better, more visually immersive story in new and innovative ways. And, we’re investing resources and partnering with other like-minded leaders to meet the demand.

For example, ChyronHego has assembled a dedicated Sports Venue Team comprised of senior industry veterans from the company’s global product management, systems design and integration, sales, and marketing groups. We go to work every day with a simple but very direct objective: To design, engineer, and deliver new and disruptive solutions, such as Click Effects PRIME, that transform live arena- and stadium-based productions.

EVS recently introduced the Unified Stadium, partnering with ChyronHego and other industry leaders. This new initiative, which includes Click Effects PRIME, goes beyond simple CG and clip server control and applies real-time, broadcast-style graphic elements to any screen, board, or other digital display throughout the arena. The Prudential Center, the New Jersey Devils, and their fans are among a growing list of venues and teams to benefit from the Unified Stadium.

A new entry to ChyronHego’s in-venue, fan-enticing product line is the Sports FX Engine. Designed with revenue generation in mind, the Sports FX Engine combines the same ChyronHego sports graphics applications that are widely used throughout professional sports, and makes them available to college sports athletic production departments.

Hosting multiple graphics applications, including PaintVirtual Placement, and Virtual 1st, the Sports FX Engine is designed to dramatically enhance in-venue fan engagement while creating multiple opportunities for sponsorship revenue during live production and replays.

And then there’s this recent innovation – a world’s first, coming to a soccer pitch near you! At the recent Sports Innovation Days in Dusseldorf, Germany, ChyronHego successfully demonstrated Perimeter Tracking. Built around our TRACAB player tracking and Click Effects PRIME solutions, Perimeter Tracking camera-tracks a player in parallel to the football perimeter, or pitch-side, LED display.

Perimeter Tracking presents a player’s speed, total distance covered, and other stats live in-stadium, and opens up new opportunities for advertiser-supported fan engagement.

We do all of this to give your fans more and to help you create the new fan experience – in your stadium or arena, where the game is once again the reason to go to the game.

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