I recently made plans to meet a friend at NAB, as our booths are near each other in the South Lower Hall. We both grew up in this industry selling and marketing traditional, physical hardware. When I mentioned how excited I am to be working for ChyronHego and the technology innovations that have erupted since we last worked together, he responded, “Broadcast is a different animal now.”

That statement made me think about how broadcast production, consumption, and mediums have evolved not just over the past ten years, but in the past two years. In the past ten years, we’ve encountered hardware transitions from SD to HD, that 3D blip, and now we future proof for 4K, IP, UHD, and HDR…

There is a lot of value in hardware – when it’s purpose-built. And, our ChyronHego products drive the graphics in much of that top-of-the-pyramid, bespoke hardware.

In recent years, the process of transitioning to SaaS, integrating virtual machines, using data and analytics, and relying on fully-virtual IP environments has become a new animal to broadcasters… yet, a tameable animal.

This paradigm shift to an IP infrastructure and virtualization of workflows is happening fast! SMPTE ST 2110 is published and broadcast is seeing a major transformation; using COTS hardware and finding a solutions partner like ChyronHego to help you navigate and provide virtualized control rooms, programming automation, graphics rendering, data visualization, and virtualized studios can ease your migration path to IT-based operations.

The bandwidth and quality now exist for live productions. For example, a virtualized server environment is no longer a vision for the future – it is a workflow available today! And, it’s advantageous:

YOU GET SCALABILITY ON DEMAND: Spin up a complete production workflow running at a moment’s notice to support a new channel or program, and then scale down just as quickly. There’s no need to invest in additional hardware to cover peak hours that will simply sit idle during slower times.

REDUCE YOUR TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP: Since there’s no longer any need for a separate hardware system to support each function, hardware dependencies are drastically reduced or even completely removed — yielding significant cost savings.

RELY ON REDUNDANCY: Depending on your needs, your broadcast operation can run all of its applications on a single server or, for maximum redundancy, spin up another server running the same applications. If the first server fails, the second takes over without interrupting service — offering critical redundancy in your mission-critical, live broadcast environment.

For more information, download our Virtual Production Platform White Paper.

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See you at the show!

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