Delivering the Message: Using Virtual Graphics in Houses of Worship.

Helping people understand your message is easier when you use visual graphics. Years ago, I advised my local church on how display graphics to correspond to the message of the day. Today, it’s very common for houses of worship to stream and broadcast their services to parishioners who can’t physically make it to a service. To serve their 8,000 Hong Kong parishioners effectively, the 611 Bread of Life Christian Church is always on the lookout for compelling ways to increase their production values to elevate their message...

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Dealing with the Disruption: Finding News Workflow Solutions

We are experiencing a disruption in news production. With consolidation, data rich graphics, and digital-first mandates, broadcasters are creating more content to reach more people on more platforms - and on all outlets: broadcast, streaming, and through social media channels. Whether you are focused on a digital first workflow, integrating social media and OTT, controlling robotics, AR, and Virtual Sets through MOS templates, graphics creation, or enhanced asset management....

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The IP Revolution? Migration to IP helps broadcasters create a flexible and future-proof operation.

We hear a lot about the “IP revolution” these days, but at ChyronHego we’re viewing it through an IT-centric lens. As our broadcast customers continue to migrate their operations to all-software solutions running on commodity, IT-based technologies, we’re responding in kind – with software-based approaches like our CAMIO Universe for News Production.

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Full Immersion: Demos to See @ NAB.

One awesome thing about tradeshows is the unlimited information available. You are fully immersed - surrounded by experts - the best of the best. And, these folks are willing and eager to share tips, tricks, and trends that will help you succeed when you go back to the office. Whether it’s examples of how live production is migrating to IP or shortcuts in software, you emerge from the show chaos smarter. If you are not attending NAB, not to fret! We have a full video schedule of panel discussions and...

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The Lyric Path.

The next version of our renowned graphics creation and playout solution, Lyric 3.2 premieres at NAB in a week. With tighter integration into our news workflow and content management tool, HubDrive, it features a built-in HTML browser. And, LyricX 3.2 includes upgrades that make it even more intuitive to use: image and movie replacement modes, more masking layers...

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Broadcast is a Tameable Animal.

I recently made plans to meet a friend at NAB, as our booths are near each other in the South Lower Hall. We both grew up in this industry selling and marketing traditional, physical hardware. When I mentioned how excited I am to be working for ChyronHego and the technology innovations that have erupted since we last worked together, he responded, “Broadcast is a different animal now.” That statement made me think about how broadcast production, consumption, and mediums have evolved not just over the past ten years, but in the past two years. In the past ten years, we've encountered...

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