Broadcast is a Tamable Animal.

I recently made plans to meet a friend at NAB, as our booths are near each other in the South Lower Hall. We both grew up in this industry selling and marketing traditional, physical hardware. When I mentioned how excited I am to be working for ChyronHego and the technology innovations that have erupted since we last worked together, he responded, “Broadcast is a different animal now.” That statement made me think about how broadcast production, consumption, and mediums have evolved not just over the past ten years, but in the past two years. In the past ten years, we've encountered...

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The NAB Bug

Some of the fundamental goals of broadcasting hold up over time. Content needs to be on-air first. We want to produce, playout, and share content faster and more economically. Images need to be the highest quality possible. The final product has to be compelling and outshine the competition. See what is new at ChyronHego at NAB 2018!

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When Weather Leads the News: The Urgency of Weather Reporting in 2017

Weather and natural disasters in many ways drive the news wheel through large portions of the year, and being able to effortlessly and accurately report on, and enrich the storytelling from these events becomes a strong competitive differentiator for...

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Top 3 Ticker Troubles: Solutions For Your Channel Branding Woes.

The legacy of maintaining high staffing levels for operator-controlled tickers and reliance on pre-produced graphics is in the past for broadcasters. Today, your streamlined team pre-produces automation-based ticker elements, controlling multiple channels...

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