ChyronHego to Exhibit at Broadcast India Show 2017

MELVILLE, N.Y. Oct. 5, 2017 —ChyronHego will showcase its live production and automation solutions at the Broadcast India Show 2017. Visitors can locate ChyronHego at the Ideal Broadcasting Booth A-108 in Hall 6 of the Bombay Exhibition Centre, October 12-14.

On display at the Broadcast India Show will be:

Live Compositor from ChyronHego is a powerful and intuitive software solution for live multicamera production, allowing both new and experienced broadcasters to create compelling live video content without the need for technically trained personnel. The solution includes video switching and audio mixing, a powerful video effects engine, multichannel graphics, multiple clip players, and robotic camera control, all packaged in an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution. ChyronHego will demonstrate Live Compositor with the Live Assist Panels platform, an all-new user interface and control panel creation tool. The Live Assist Panels platform leverages the latest multiuser web technologies to enable creation of custom-designed user interfaces for control of any ChyronHego product, and it also supports a growing range of protocols used by ChyronHego and by other leading industry vendors.

Also being showcased is ChyronHego’s Live Assist playout automation engine. Live Assist offers an ultra-intuitive user interface and open API for smooth integration with existing newsroom system.

ChyronHego’s Visual Radio is a tool that enriches audio content with synced video to transform a radio broadcast into an entertaining and compelling visual show. The solution allows radio stations to take their shows to the next level by giving the audience the chance to experience unique radio moments as they happen and turn listeners into viewers. Visual Radio is a fully automated software solution that automatically switches cameras and plays graphics by analyzing audio signals and XML data from a radio station’s automation system. Visual Radio mimics a real director, leaving the radio presenters to do what they are good at, which is making radio. Visual Radio combines automatic camera switching, dynamic digital video effects (DVE), and graphic overlays with real-time XML updates and audio control. Visual Radio is designed for web, mobile, and TV platforms. Visual Radio is an add-on to a station’s current radio production system and does not require extra staff.

ChyronHego’s Toolbox provides broadcasters with the flexibility to quickly capture content from a PC or the web and then convert it to air on live TV with just a few simple clicks. Toolbox allows broadcasters to utilize any desktop content, play back any codec, and use content from video communication tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Viber in their production. Key features of the Toolbox include a grabber, VLC plug-in, and generic return signal for video calls with a separate overlay for each function. The grabber feature allows users to select and grab any PC or web content such as a YouTube clip, PowerPoint slide, or Google Earth location and put it on air. The VLC plug-in takes troubled video files with unknown codecs and allows the user to drop the files in the VLC player and easily play back video files in the broadcast. The generic return signal option allows users to include remote interviews over Google Hangouts, Skype, and Viber in a live broadcast.