We are experiencing a disruption in news production. With the explosion of the online news appetite and digital-first mandates, broadcasters are creating more content to reach more people on more platforms – and on all outlets: broadcast, streaming, and through social media channels.

Whether you are focused on a digital first workflow, integrating social media and OTT, controlling robotics, AR, and Virtual Sets through MOS templates, graphics creation, or enhanced asset management, our refined News Production Workflow Solutions help you succeed, here’s how:

  1. The CAMIO Universe integrates a full suite of complex graphics tools into a unified, easy to use workflow. We offer a full line of news production tools from traditional CGs, branding, clips, augmented reality and virtual set graphics, sophisticated weather graphics, and camera and switcher automation controls. All of these solutions can be created, managed and played out with the same easy to use interfaces, resulting in more and richer content for your critical news stories. We’ll help you streamline so you can focus on better storytelling to help you increase viewership.
  1. We provide the most powerful producer tools in the industry. Since 2001, LUCI has been the most comprehensive template fulfillment tool for the MOS workflow. Our next generation LUCI5 is already distinguishing itself as the industry leader. Written completely in HTML5, LUCI5 is future-proofed and flexible to face the challenges of the changing news industry. Since LUCI5 is browser based, software upgrades are made centrally on the server – that decreases maintenance and upgrade costs. LUCI5 works with most major newsrooms systems and is platform independent. A growing list of new features will take your news rundown into streaming and social media so you can reach a new audience and new revenue opportunities.
  1. Leveraging the power of the network. Web-based services harness the power of the internet to take news production to the next level. Our AXIS World Graphics is the pioneering hosted service solution for news graphics and maps creation, sharing, and order management. Our end-to-end Live Production Solutions are software based and can be virtualized, distributed, and used in remote production applications. And CAMIO is a powerful content management and distribution tool that excels for  station groups needing to share content and resources over a wide area network. All these web enabled tools are integrated into our familiar LUCI workflow and integrate with the ChyronHego family of graphics systems to ensure flexibility for any production.

Even with the disruption currently underway in news production, ChyronHego is addressing your needs with new tools and workflows that focus on creativity, speed and ease of use. Our ChyronHego News Production Workflow empowers your teams to work together – efficiently and seamlessly.

For more information on how our CAMIO Universe Solution can help with your workflow, download our white paper, The Next Generation Newsroom. A Unified, Producer-Driven Workflow for Content-Centric News Operations.