One awesome thing about tradeshows is the unlimited information available. You are fully immersed – surrounded by experts – the best of the best. And, these folks are willing and eager to share tips, tricks, and trends that will help you succeed when you go back to the office. Whether it’s examples of how live production is migrating to IP or shortcuts in software, you emerge from the show chaos smarter.

If you are not attending NAB, not to fret! We have a full video schedule of panel discussions and demos from our booth. Like our Facebook page to get updates and links to the videos.

And, if you are at the show, we have ongoing demos at our booth in the South Lower Hall #1208 – here’s a partial list:

LIVE PRODUCTION: INTEGRATING VIRTUAL GRAPHICS with CAMIO UNIVERSE CAMIO demos will showcase live, trackless virtual sets, including how to fulfill, recall a virtual set template, change virtual screen content, recall virtual camera shots, add those templates into a rundown, and operate them using iSQ. And, keep an eye out for a big announcement at the show!

LIVE PRODUCTION: LIVE, IN-BOOTH SHOW using LIVE COMPOSITOR Our Live Studio Presentations will be using Live Compositor to operate rundowns, cut cameras, do mix effects, and generate graphics. Running on a CISCO Blade Server will allow Live Compositor to virtualize the application using IP i/os for better scalability and remote production.

BROADCAST GRAPHICS: LYRIC: FASTEST-TO-AIR LIVE GRAPHICS SYSTEM For unscripted workflows, live sports and existing Lyric customers. Lyric’s design and playout workflow gets you to air faster than any other tool in the market. Using all the tools people know, plus new scripting, design and usability improvements.

BROADCAST GRAPHICS: LYRIC: NEW ASSET & SCENE DEPLOYMENT WORKFLOW DEMO Both for news and sports workflows, HubDrive makes managing and getting assets where they need to be fast and painless.  

BROADCAST GRAPHICS: PRIME: A SINGLE AUTHORING TOOL FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING! You can use PRIME Graphics Platform for all scripted & automated/data-driven production clients. Using the same authoring tool for graphics, studio walls, touchscreen and branding – this means less training and simplifies the creation for all applications!

NEWS: CAMIO DIGITAL-FIRST WORKFLOW The future of news – a bridge between the on-air rundown and non-linear, social media, and OTT. See how LUCI Social Media Publishing sends graphics and video from the rundown directly to Facebook and Twitter.

NEWS: INTRODUCING THE CAMIO UNIVERSE What is CAMIO? We’ll take you through a high-level tour of the workflow and how CAMIO allows your crew to do complicated tasks simply.

MASTER CONTROL: NEWSTICKER 5 UPDATE If you are already using NewsTicker, get an update of the new features in Version 5 – see how easy it is to transition to next-gen and increase your branded opportunities.

MASTER CONTROL & BRANDING: NEWSTICKER 5 Get a full tour of the benefits of a unified, NewsTicker 5 workflow. Learn about our proven ticker return on investment, ease of usability, producer productivity, and turnkey efficiency.

NEWS & WEATHER: METACAST SHOWCASE Get a full tour of our end-to-end Metacast toolset for producing professional weather graphics templates and combine them with data for presentable weather segments.

INTELLICOMMANDER™ KEYBOARD for LYRIC For unscripted workflows and live sports, ChyronHego’s Intellicommander keyboard makes productions faster and easier with more shortcuts and assignable keys.

Catch all of these demos – and more – in our booth SL1208. I hope you’ll look us up at the show!