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Do More With Less? Just Say Yes!

Today’s in-venue college sports producer faces a vexing problem. Your fans have so many alternatives when it comes to watching your team’s games that don’t include actually going to the game.

As a sports fan, we’re overindulged by the sheer variety of ways see the big game. Need an example? There’s a growing assortment of subscription streaming services such as Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and you can even watch the game via your Playstation Vue gaming console. All of these Internet-based outlets provide easy access to multiple sports and school conference networks. And of course, there’s still traditional cable and broadcast television.

Beyond simple access to the game, the “at-home” fan is further spoiled by the talents and technology wrought by modern day live production broadcast storytelling – play-by-play analysts spouting statistical player history, further enriched by the graphically enhanced instant replays. These niceties and other conveniences make it an easy choice between the comforts of your home or hitting the road and trudging out to the game.

“When faced with the decision to do more with less, just say yes! Yes, that is, to ChyronHego’s Sports FX Engine.”

Still, for the majority of college sports fans, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the game live, inside your school’s stadium or arena. But your fans, no matter where they are in that arena or stadium, still want – even expect – to visually experience the same enhanced graphics and visual storytelling they’re used to seeing live on their Smart TV or other device.

As if that wasn’t enough, the in-venue college sports producer has to entertain and inform their fan not just for a single sport across a single season, but across a dozen or more sports throughout the entire year – oftentimes with a limited budget and inexperienced crew.

When faced with the decision to do more with less, say yes! Yes, that is, to ChyronHego’s Sports FX Engine.

Intended for US-based college and university live sports production and designed with revenue generation in mind, the Sports FX Engine hosts multiple graphics applications, including the Paint telestrator, Virtual Placement ad insertion, and Virtual 1st Down & Distance, each designed to dramatically enhance in-venue fan engagement while generating multiple sources of sponsorship revenue during live production and replays.

These are the very same sports graphics applications that are widely used throughout professional sports broadcasts and in-venue production, which ChyronHego is now making available to college athletic production departments.

The Sports FX Engine offers a unique and highly flexible pricing model, made even better by the fact that you can maximize your use of the Sports FX Engine across multiple sports.

You decide which applications to license depending on the requirements of your next production. The benefit to your fans is that they now have every reason to attend the game in-stadium, since the Sports FX Engine lets you produce the same graphically enhanced instant replays, telestrated analysis, and virtual graphic storytelling they see at home.

Now, I can write and go on and on about all of this here, but to truly appreciate what the Sports FX Engine can bring to your in-venue college sports production, I’d like to invite you to this week’s Sports FX Engine Webinar.

We’ll introduce and present a live demonstration of ChyronHego’s Paint telestrator, Virtual Placement ad insertion, and Virtual 1st Down & Distance solutions, and we’ll explain how this multi-sport, multi-revenue-generating graphics solution will help you to attract and keep your fans in your stands.

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Multi-Sport Revenue Tool

Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 11 AM US-EST

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Multi-Sport Revenue Tool

Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 11 AM US-EST

Register Today
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Mark Gederman is Sports Marketing Director with worldwide responsibility for ChyronHego’s sports broadcast, sports technology, and stadium production/in-venue experience solutions. Over the last 27 years, Mark has lead Customer Support, Training, Project Engineering and Marketing teams at leading broadcast technology and data storage companies, including Avid Technology, EMC Corporation, Grass Valley, and Chyron Corporation. Earlier in his career Mark worked in local television as a Broadcast Engineer and Producer.

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