It’s time to get virtual! Join us on January 26 for a webinar on bringing Virtual and Augmented Graphics into the CAMIO Universe – a next-generation newsroom workflow for live end-to-end video content creation.

The CAMIO Universe gives you a unified, software-based environment and extensive automation to address every aspect of news production. Whether it’s setting up camera shots and controlling robotic cameras, providing software-based video switching, enhancing a story with sophisticated weather graphics, or generating replaceable graphics for a virtual studio.


In just seconds, producers can bring up a template and generate compelling virtual elements simply by updating text, images, and clips, just as with traditional news graphics. That means they can respond to news as it’s breaking with a rich array of compelling virtual graphics that draw viewers in and illustrate key points in a highly intuitive manner.

In our webinar, you will learn how our solution allows you to create more with the same studio space,  helps you tell a better news story and last but not least, let’s you capture and retain the attention of the millennials.
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