It’s no surprise to know that PRIME is the perfect fit for any Stadium, Arena, or Venue hoping to make a splash with fans and sponsors alike by incorporating state-of-the-art graphics and playout.

If you missed our Winning Combination webinar last week- we’ve got the next best thing. Get the recorded version of our Winning Combination webinar featuring:

  • Jenn Paonessa, Director of Venues Solutions, ChyronHego
  • Carol Bettencourt, VP of Marketing, ChyronHego
  • Stephanie Brown, Americas Partner Alliances & Channels, Stats Perform
  • Scott Sivright, Manager of Business Development, Stats Perform

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to create graphics in any aspect ratio
  • How to populate any size LED with high pixel density for stunning displays
  • How to integrate graphics with data from scoreboards and stats providers
  • How to integrate graphics with fan generated social media using ChyronHego’s social media aggregator, SHOUT.
  • How PRIME works hand-in-hand with Click Effects, ChyronHego’s venue display control system.

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