The ChyronHego Academy is a training and professional development resource for designers and operators who work with ChyronHego solutions. Participants in this free certification program gain access to the latest ChyronHego software, which they use to learn and practice new skills introduced in a self-paced online curriculum created by product experts.

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Since its launch in April 2020, the academy has helped a variety of industry professionals acquire and update essential skills, build more robust portfolios, and land new gigs in broadcast graphics creation. This blog post will take a closer look at the opportunities opening up for designers and operators who attain ChyronHego Academy certification for one of the company’s industry-leading solutions.

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Broadcast Graphics for News and Sports

The modern-day news graphic was invented by Chyron, and today ChyronHego solutions sit at the heart of state-of-the-art broadcast studios. The powerful PRIME Graphics platform is a central element in engaging audiences, enhancing the on-air presentation, and increasing viewer loyalty. Paint is the illustration tool of choice for illustrated replay for many of the world’s top sports broadcasts. Click Effects PRIME is ChyronHego’s venue control solution, driving graphics and data to large center-hung displays, ribbon boards, and other LED screens throughout venues, all with a few simple clicks.

The ChyronHego Academy offers individual certification courses for each of these solutions, giving participants hands-on experience with the same tools and functionality they will find in the professional news and weather production environment.

Industry professionals who complete certification for these solutions are ready to join any production team. As they complete the PRIME Graphics online course, they build a project that’s ready for prime time. Certified graduates of the PRIME Graphics program come to the job with meaningful experience in building real-time 2D, 3D, and HDR graphics for news, elections, weather segments, and more. They understand the broadcast graphics workflow and how to deliver professional-quality graphics that resonate with today’s viewers. Certified graduates of the Paint and Click Effects courses are fully prepared to bring their skills to the world of sports broadcast or to the venue control room.

Stadium and In-Venue Graphics

Leading sports franchises including the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, and Juventus Football Club S.p.A. use ChyronHego’s PRIME Graphics and Click Effects PRIME to engage fans, strengthen their franchise brand, and generate sponsor revenues. The ChyronHego Academy offers certification in both of these solutions, giving industry professionals the opportunity to learn how to create statistically rich graphics and deliver scheduled and live video clips, audio tracks, animations, and sponsor ads that are critical to a dynamic and engaging in-venue environment.

Upon completion of the ChyronHego Academy course, certified graduates will have both the skills and the creative portfolio to join virtually any stadium or venue production team using the latest and most sophisticated graphics solutions. 

Industry professionals who complete certification for both PRIME Graphics and Click Effects PRIME can leverage this expertise to deliver content across a stadium’s big screen, ribbon boards, scoreboards, and internal television networks. With knowledge of how to create graphics in any aspect ratio, populate any size of LED with high pixel density image for stunning displays, and integrate graphics with data from scoreboards and stats providers, industry pros can help sports facilities, leagues, and teams take the fan experience to the next level.

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Graphics Across Workflows and Use Cases

Designed to work together seamlessly, ChyronHego solutions make it easy to manage content across playout devices and distribution platforms. Industry professionals with experience using these tools can efficiently deliver scheduled or live video clips; display player information, live Internet feeds, and social media tickers; and playout video or revenue-generating advertising.

Free, in-depth training on ChyronHego’s [insert all the course options] gives industry professionals the chance to master key elements across a wide variety of workflows and use cases. [Insert a bit more here?]

Graduates are already exercising their earning potential as ChyronHego interns, freelancers for ChyronHego Creative Services and as freelancers for ChyronHego customers. 

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Certified graduates of ChyronHego Academy courses are encouraged to apply to be part of the ChyronHego Certified Freelancer Database, to be launched soon on the ChyronHego website. Complete the form below to apply!