CAMIO Universe is the premiere productivity tool for newsrooms across the globe. It is a cost-effective solution with content management, distribution, and MOS interface in a single box. It efficiently serves the entire production staff – from the art department and newsroom to the editor and control room – with the fastest concept-to-air workflow in the industry.

CAMIO Universe integrates ChyronHego’s world-renowned Lyric and PRIME broadcast graphics, Metacast weather graphics, Virtual Graphics, and Camera Robotics with our Live Compositor for multi-camera production – all under the control of extensive playout automation – all in one unified solution.

Our latest release, CAMIO 4.3 with LUCI 5.1 is NOW SHIPPING! Here’s what’s new:


  • Updated Axis template bindings for an easier workflow
  • Virtual Machine Ready for more flexibility and redundancy
  • Multiple Asset Categories so your art department can organize content more easily

LUCI 5.1

  • NRCS Support now for ENPS 7 and 8, Avid iNews, Octopus, and Dalet.
  • Axis Support for all services not available in LUCI5.
  • Automation Transitions for multiple workflows using the same content

In addition, check out the new Autosync Scheduler in HubDrive Client 1.0.1 – now, individual client devices can be scheduled to pause autosync automatic downloading to manage disk usage during broadcast!


Every day, over 20,000 users rely on the intuitive tools of the CAMIO workflow from ChyronHego to create and deliver their news content.

For more information, download our Next Generation Newsroom white paper: