Publishing content to the web and social media, along with your OTT streams is an imperative part of your news production workflow. And, having high-res previews that render immediately is important – you see exactly what your audience will experience.

Our new CAMIO Render Engine platform supports current and future applications using scalable rendering, transcoding, and publishing technologies. Now shipping, our new CAMIO Render Engine:

  • Hosts a Scalable Rendering Architecture: to work with PRIME, Lyric, & Metacast in a variety of applications;
  • Enables the transition: to digital media news production; and,
  • Provides Redundancy: for Enterprise-Level solutions.


The CAMIO Render Engine (CRE) includes functionality as preview renderer for Lyric and Prime templates. You can add multiple CREs in parallel for redundancy and increased throughput. CAMIO Preview Renderer Software ships standard with the CAMIO Render Engine platform and includes basic functionality for PRIME and Lyric templates.


The new Media Renderer is a software option for CAMIO Render Engine. It provides support for the MediaMaker functions you are already using, including Folder Watcher and editor plugins. Media Renderer can render animations from LyricX and PRIME.


When combined with CAMIO VM, CAMIO Render Engine not only provides essential preview rendering functionality, but can also provide license management for your virtual CAMIO machines. 


You can install CAMIO Render Engine software on your hardware, too! Of course there are minimum hardware specs if you chose to do this, but for advanced customers, using COTS or your own, customized hardware may be preferable.


To learn more about how one or multiple CAMIO Render Engines can improve your productivity, read more on our website or email us anytime at!