/Playing for Attention: Sports Data Analytics

Playing for Attention: Sports Data Analytics

Sports has never lacked for attention. Not from fans, not from broadcast rights holders, not from investment, and certainly not from technology providers. There’s always been plenty to go around for everybody.

Underpinning a great deal of this attention are the enormous advances in sports technology and data science. All of this attention, from so many diverse stakeholders, can make it difficult to keep up on all of the latest trends and developments.

How does one keep up?

“All of this attention, from so many diverse stakeholders, can make it difficult to keep up on all of the latest trends and developments. How does one keep up?”

For me, it comes down to reading. Lots of reading. Sports technology articles, interviews, case studies, and white papers are just a few of my outlets for learning. And listening. Lots of listening. Listening daily to my colleagues here at ChyronHego who work tirelessly in product management, engineering, and sales. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn when you ask questions, then shut your own mouth and listen.

And of course there are the events and conferences. Like mine, I’m sure your Inbox is regularly inundated with overtures from conference organizers inviting you to “this year’s biggest and best” summit or symposium. ChyronHego presents and exhibits at many of these events across different geographies. For us, we find these events critical to our product development. Speaking with and listening to our customers directly impacts how we go to market with our sports technology solutions.

In fact, we’re preparing for one such conference which takes place in London on Friday, October 26th, less than two weeks from now. The 2018 UK Sports Analytics Conference is one of several global sports data summits organized by the Vumero Institute. As the event’s website states, “…gain an understanding of the cross-section of Sports Analytics, including: Leagues and Teams; Fans, Brands and Engagement; Data Science and Sports Technology.” ChyronHego sits at the very heart of this cross-section, and ChyronHego will be there exhibiting our latest editions of Coach Paint and Coach Capture. We’ll also be there to discuss how we the only provider to offer all three types of data collection – Optical, GPS, and RF, and in a manner that uniquely enables a common, sharable dataset across our customer’s sports tracking ecosystem. Highlighting our presence will be a presentation by David Eccles, ChyronHego’s Sports Performance Director, titled Data Driven Workflows & the Evolution of Sports Data.

If this conference is not on your itinerary, then you would be wise to secure your registration today. If you do, I urge you to swing by ChyronHego’s exhibit stand, get a demo, and take in David’s presentation which I suspect you will find insightful and perhaps more than a little thought-provoking.

See you in London!


Performance Data In Sport

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Performance Data In Sport

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Mark Gederman is Sports Marketing Director with worldwide responsibility for ChyronHego’s sports broadcast, sports technology, and stadium production/in-venue experience solutions. Over the last 27 years, Mark has lead Customer Support, Training, Project Engineering and Marketing teams at leading broadcast technology and data storage companies, including Avid Technology, EMC Corporation, Grass Valley, and Chyron Corporation. Earlier in his career Mark worked in local television as a Broadcast Engineer and Producer.

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