As the most advanced graphics system on the market, ChyronHego’s state-of-the-art PRIME Graphics Platform is a mainstay in live graphics for news and sports broadcasters around the globe. With its popularity growing, PRIME is the best way for students in broadcasting programs to prepare to perform under pressure in a fast-paced broadcast environment.

ChyronHego Academy

Including end-to-end training and certification, faculty and students can take their curriculum to the next level by using our ChyronHego Academy tool to incorporate advanced live graphics. Coming from the company that invented CG systems, ChyronHego Academy offers students access to a free version of our PRIME designer in order to effortlessly take their learning offline.

PRIME CG – Bringing Stories to Life

PRIME CG offers powerful 3D real-time graphics rendering using intuitive authoring tools and flexible playout capabilities to create and air sophisticated on-screen graphics in no time. Optimized for live production, PRIME CG’s ease of use allows for the most complex visualization to showcase real-time events as they unfold. With our latest version of PRIME, you can get full access to every element of the base scene to make a full-package change in minutes.

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