We Mean Television Graphics.

ChyronHego has been the industry leader in broadcast graphics systems for nearly fifty years.  We are the de facto standard of TV Graphics.  From the Infinit to the Maxine, the Superscribe to the Duet, Lyric has been a much loved staple for broadcasters everywhere.

Whether in news, sports, venue, entertainment, or government/corporate graphics creation and playout, today’s Lyric has the capabilities that designers and operators have loved for years, refined in a faster, clearer, more intuitive application.

Built for Live Operation.

Lyric’s greatest strength is its speed and flexibility for live operation.  The combination of compose and playout on a single device, fast and easy message recall and keyboard shortcuts, and a deep pool of Lyric-trained operators worldwide have elevated Lyric to the industry leader in live operation.

With our time tested graphics workflow, you can alter content on-the-fly and get it on air at the speed you need.

The Innovation Continues

Thanks to LyricX’s flexible configuration options on the MX and HX you can freely switch between output formats and resolutions making LyricX a smart investment.

Feed Your Studio Monitor Walls With Lyric

With LyricX feeding your set using the Display Matrix option, your motion graphics can fill large and atypical aspect ratio video walls. Using the HX and MX platforms, graphics can be played out from multiple DVI ports without requiring any new design expertise or playout capabilities.

Brilliant Graphics In 4K

As broadcasters move to higher definitions, LyricX is there to provide flexible and stunning graphics to tell your stories.

Contact us today to schedule a demo, order an upgrade, and learn why more than 16,000 Lyric systems are installed across the globe.

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LyricX Images

LyricX Images


NY Yankees & Lyric Case Study

The New York Yankees enhances their storied brand while engaging fans.

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More Videos

Lyric Graphics & Playout Solution Overview

St. John’s University & Lyric

PRIME Graphics Platform

Cowboys Stadium & Lyric


Create & Playout Graphics Quickly & Effortlessly

LyricX has a new interface designed for exceptional ease of use and the ultimate in intuitive usability.

New, Updated Scene Graph With Filtering

LyricX’s highly intuitive Scene Graph makes it easier to identify and find elements.

Your LyricX, The Way You Want To Work

An improved usability experience and easy access to an extensive feature set means LyricX is faster and more intuitive than ever.

Customize, Never Compromise

Take your graphics to the next level with LyricX’s powerful API.

Display Matrix

Graphics need not be reserved for the ubiquitous OTS or lower third. With Display Matrix feeding your on-set visual environment, motion graphics fill ever-larger video walls. Monitor displays are integrated within the anchor desk to create visually focused architectural set pieces, and interactive touch displays are quickly becoming the must-have on-air look.


LyricX Product Info Sheet

Download PDF

LyricX HX & MX Platform Tech Specs

Download PDF


LyricX Product Info Sheet

Download PDF

LyricX HX & MX Platform Tech Specs

Download PDF


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