This is the platform that ChyronHego uses to build some of the most compelling and visually stunning broadcast touchscreens on the planet.

Multi-Touch has been deployed on hundreds of high profile live studio productions by some of the largest broadcasters and used to enhance their coverage of sports events, elections and on other live show material.

This has enabled Multi-Touch to become a trusted medium that helps broadcasters to tell the story in a more natural and intuitive manner, while enabling them to interact with the content directly and confidently.

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Multi-Touch Images

Multi-Touch Images


The Most Powerful Studio Touch Screen Platform.

No trade-off between rendering performance and interactivity latency. Visually stunning projects can be created with no affect on real-time responsiveness.

Compatible With All Major Touch Screens.

Multi-Touch is totally agnostic to the size, type of screen, touch-technology employed, or protocol you wish to use.

As Flexible A Platform As You Will Find.

The same platform can be used to deploy any number of projects, whether they are for news or sports.

Built-In Telestration.

Simple telestration capability is built-in to the engine. It can also connect and control ChyronHego Paint or other advanced 3rd party telestrators such as RedBee Piero.

Integrates Into Your Broadcast Workflow.

Connects easily to live data sources and database repositories, as well as displaying up to 12 live HD video feeds and controlling video clip-servers such as EVS.


The power of the Multi-Touch system is found beneath the hood with ChyronHego’s GS2 Graphics Engine. As real-time engine, the GS2 Graphics Engine offers the highest playout bandwidth of any other engine on the market.

This is an extremely important factor when it comes to studio touch screens, as they will often form the hub of all live data and live video content, yet still need to remain highly responsive to the selections and gestures of the studio presenter.

With other engines on the market there can often be a trade-off between graphics rendering performance and touchscreen responsiveness. ChyronHego’s Multi-Touch has been carefully optimized to ensure no loss of rendering performance or interactivity response.


Multi-Touch Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


Muti-Touch Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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