Creating New Revenue Streams With Channel Branding, Tickers, And Sponsorships.

PRIME Branding, a part of the PRIME Graphics Platform, delivers bold, up-to-the-minute branding elements such as headlines, sports scores, weather reports, financial data, snipes, social media commentary, and automated promos.

PRIME Branding carries on familiar concepts from ChyronHego’s highly successful Channel Box product line, including a scripting engine, control panels, integration with automation, and much more combined with many new and innovative concepts. More than a traditional channel branding system, PRIME Branding is designed to deliver business efficiencies to operations and engineering, too.

Creation & Workflow

PRIME Branding includes the PRIME Designer, a powerful design tool that enables the industry’s fastest turnaround from graphics creation to playout. PRIME is fully integrated with ChyronHego’s NewsTicker™ enabling access to back-end data streams for elections, severe weather, school closings and social messaging feeds

PRIME Branding brings users powerful and easy-to-use capabilities for building customized transitions and effects, including auto-follow, mask, render texture, and ChyronHego’s unique Warp Effects technology. With PRIME Branding’s Warp Effects feature, designers create clips in After Effects or 3ds Max and bring them into PRIME with UV mapping information. They can then map real-time data onto the clip. Whatever is mapped travels with what it’s mapped to — on a pixel-to-pixel basis. Flips, wipes, and live video…it’s all the same when using PRIME. Designers can also publish, share, upload, and view content using PRIME’s built-in content distribution and quality control system.

Operator confidence is paramount within PRIME Branding. Scenes are object-based, not paged-based. This gives operators the opportunity to perform live previews to playout and stopping anywhere during the preview. Clicking Play initiates playout beginning from the start default state. That’s asset validation you can put your faith in. PRIME Branding is the perfect solution for downstream Branding, Snipes, Now-Next-Later promos, Elections, School closings, Squeeze backs, Sponsor logos and much more.

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PRIME Branding

PRIME Branding delivers bold, up-to-the-minute branding elements such as Snipes, Now-Next-Later promos, Election results, School closings, Squeeze backs, Sponsor logos and much more.

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PRIME Workflow

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EAS, Chyron Intelligent Interface, PBus, VDCP, Ross Talk, XML. PRIME interfaces with all major automation vendors.


Embedded, AES, Dolby Passthrough. Audio mixing any source input type to any source output type, Text to Speech. Audio/ Video Bypass Panel, 16bit color 10 bit I/O, Ancillary data.

Scripting Engines

VB Script, Jscript, C#, LUA.


PRIME Branding generates BXF “As Run” files

Multi-Channel With Preview

This quality assurance feature insures operator confidence through preload of scenes to test play actions on each output channel.

Built-In Content Distribution

Publish, share, upload and view content via PRIME’s built-in Content Distribution Manager or ChyronHegos’ HubDrive.

Quality Control Management System

PRIME Branding’s quality control management system ensures scenes are ready for distribution.


PRIME Branding Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


PRIME Branding Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


PRIME Graphics Training
PRIME Graphics Training
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