Creating New Revenue Streams With Channel Branding, Tickers, And Sponsorships.

A natural next step from the Channel Box product line, PRIME Branding is our channel branding and playout solution developed to help broadcasters capture audience attention and build brand equity. It is used to produce up-to-the-minute branding elements such as headlines, sports scores, school closings, weather reports, financial data, snipes, social media commentary, and automated promos like ‘Now Watching’ or ‘Coming Next’ graphics.

From overtime games to breaking news, last minute changes to existing playlists are common in everyday broadcasting. With PRIME Branding, you maintain full control over the production playlist up to the last minute before playout. Fully integrated with NewsTicker™, our web-based content management solution, PRIME Branding makes the production of data-driven graphics for news, sports, elections or finance coverage easier than ever.

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Changing the Game with NBC Sports Washington

Midway through the Washington Wizards 2018-2019 season, NBC Sports Washington called on ChyronHego to help the network create Predict the Game, an interactive game designed to enhance viewers’ experience of sports broadcasts. From the start of 2019-2020 NFL preseason games, Predict the Game also enhanced viewers’ experience of Washington Redskins game broadcasts.

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Workflow Adaptability

PRIME Branding integrates easily into existing workflows, with support for all major scheduling and traffic systems. PRIME Branding supports standard
protocols including Chyron Intelligent Interface, EAS, PBus, VDCP, Ross Talk, XML and Oxtel to connect to traffic and automation systems.

Flexible to the branding needs of affiliate stations, PRIME Branding also supports automated station identification systems (e.g. CBS’ LIDIA).

Built-In Quality Assurance

Built-in quality control features like object-based live preview allow operators in the master control room to monitor graphics before triggering automation.

To automate the heavy lifting of content scheduling, modification and verification, PRIME Branding generates Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF) “As Run” files.

End-to-End HDR Workflow

PRIME Branding maintains an end-to-end HDR workflow from canvas design to output with full 12-bit DisplayPort output (HLG, SLog 3). Built-in SDR & HDR cross-conversion ensures there’s no need to recreate legacy content.

Minimal Learning Curve

With PRIME Branding, there’s no need to learn complex scripting languages for basic design tasks, with the built-in functionality of the Expression engine and Drag and Drop Conditional Editor with Auto Complete. PRIME also supports LUA, VBScript, JScript and C# and other languages for more complex design projects.

Template-Based Workflow Efficiency

Base Scenes, PRIME Branding’s template-based graphics creation feature, allows a single base scene to be used by any number of other scenes for faster and more dynamic graphics production. With full access to all elements of the base scene (conditions, events, triggers, data-binding, etc.), a designer can make full-package changes made in minutes instead of hours!

Bridging Design & Data

Integrated with ChyronHego’s NewsTicker™ content management solution for access to back-end data streams, PRIME Branding makes it possible to create data-driven graphic ticker displays for headlines, elections, sports scores, inclement weather and more. Logic-based scenes in PRIME Branding function as editable templates wherein designers can configure assets to refresh up-to-the-second based on data and trigger controls.


PRIME Branding Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


PRIME Branding Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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