Virtual Placement is our simple-to-use visual storytelling and revenue generation solution for incorporating virtual graphics into any live broadcast without the need for specialized operators, expensive camera sensors or lengthy calibration processes.

Based on highly-advanced real-time image-processing algorithms, Virtual Placement is the market’s most sophisticated tool for the delivery of striking virtual graphics into any live broadcast. Virtual product placement and advertising, scores and statistics, sponsor logos and even animating sponsor messages are among the many solutions Virtual Placement can deliver across a wide range of different productions.

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Virtual Placement Images

Virtual Placement Images


Virtual Placement with Scene Tracking

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The Sports FX Engine and Virginia Tech Team Up to Make the Winning Play


One Platform, Multiple Applications.

A mainstay of our live sports production ecosystem, Virtual Placement is the umbrella label for ChyronHego’s real-time data visualization products designed for sports operators, which also includes Virtual 1st and Virtual Football.

Using Virtual Football, operators can insert FIFA®-certified virtual offside lines (VOL), distance to goal measurements and carpet goal ads on the soccer pitch / in stadium. Using Virtual 1st, operators can insert virtual lines of scrimmage, 1st down markers and sponsored advertisements for American Football.

Boosted Sponsorship Revenues

Virtual Placement’s Multi-Output Mode allows operators to output multiple feeds from a single input source with different sponsored graphics on each channel. This powerful feature helps localize content to different regions and empower regionalized content and advertising strategies.

A single Virtual Placement system can feed four independently sponsored outputs to maximize ROI through game day sponsorships.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Via unique integration to TRACAB®, our Emmy® Award-winning camera-based player tracking system, Virtual Placement allows broadcasters to leverage real-time data for highly advanced gameplay analysis features (e.g., live player markers, statistics and tracking graphics).

Sophisticated Sports- Specific Modules

The modular structure of Virtual Placement means optional sport-specific modules are accessible for covering Football (Soccer), American Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Rugby.

Easy Deployment & Calibration

Virtual Placement allows operators to quickly create a calibration through an input and implement optical tracking without the need of specialized camera encoder hardware.

Remote Workflow Adaptability

Designed with remote production in mind, Virtual Placement is ideal for regional sports broadcasters, outside broadcast trucks, rental houses, and college and university live sports production teams.

The system doesn’t even need to be inside the production truck at the stadium.

Automatic Chroma Keyer

Virtual Placement’s Automatic Chroma Keyer removes the need for rekeying and simplifies the keyed graphics workflow, especially when dealing with changing conditions like shadows on parts of the pitch.


Virtual Placement Product Info Sheet

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Third Party Legal Notices

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Virtual Placement Product Info Sheet

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Third Party Legal Notices

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