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The All-In-One, Multi-Sport, Multi-Revenue-Generating Sports Graphics Solution

Fans, no matter where they are in your arena or stadium, want to visually experience the enhanced graphics and telestrated replays they’re used to seeing on live TV. ChyronHego’s Sports FX Engine provides this capability today.

Intended for US-based college and university live sports production and designed with revenue generation in mind, the Sports FX Engine combines the same ChyronHego sports graphics applications that are widely used throughout professional broadcast sports, and makes them available to your college sports athletic production department.

Fans In The Stands. Money In The Bank.

The Sports FX Engine hosts multiple graphics applications, including the Paint telestrator, Virtual Placement ad insertion, and Virtual 1st Down & Distance, each designed to dramatically enhance in-venue fan engagement while generating multiple sources of sponsorship revenue during live production and replays.

You decide which applications to use depending on the requirements of your next production.

Maximize your use of the Sports FX Engine across multiple sports, enhancing your university or team’s brand with easily customized sponsor logos, colors, text, and animations.

Download the Sports FX Engine Product Information Sheet to learn more. Then, use the form on the right to contact us about a demonstration of the Sports FX Engine.

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Virtual Placement

A remarkably powerful tool, Virtual Placement turns the complex art of placing virtual graphics within live video into a quick and simple process. There’s no need to add any specialist camera encoders. Revenue-generating virtual ads can be placed into your video within minutes of setup, ready for use across a multitude of sports applications.

Virtual 1st

Our innovative Down & Distance solution for American Football combines video overlay and sensorless camera technology to help in-venue producers quickly analyze gameplay and tell an engaging and easy to follow story.

Revenue-generating Red Zone graphics are easily incorporated for unique advertising opportunities.

Paint – The Power Of The Illustrated Replay™

Paint is used to visually analyze the game by graphically enhancing and highlighting video using any of of Paint’s highly intuitive telestration tools.

Revenue generating opportunities abound through the use of embedded sponsor logos placed within the telestrated graphic, or on any playing surface.

PRIME Interactive

PRIME Interactive’s touch screen application has been deployed across hundreds of high profile live productions to enhance coverage of live sporting events. Generate revenue through sponsored host shows or sponsored athlete interview segments.


Sports FX Engine Product Info Sheet

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PRIME Branding Product Info Sheet

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