FRESH is our virtual studio and augmented reality graphics playout solution, powered by Epic Games’ Unreal4 gaming engine. FRESH combines the superior graphics capabilities of the Unreal4 gaming engine with ChyronHego’s scalable and intuitive workflow tools to enable the creation of the most complex graphical elements accurately, and with unparalleled photorealism.

Ideal for live production, FRESH offers Zero Delay when paired with our top-notch camera robotics for VSAR graphics production.

Adaptable to broadcaster production needs, FRESH can be used to play out graphics for simple augmented reality, stunning video walls projections, or immersive virtual sets. Optimized for designer workflows, FRESH’s intuitive control interface allows designers to move, rotate, scale, objects on-air without needing to go back to the Unreal editor.

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FRESH at IBC 2019

Watch Aldo Campisi, VP Sales, LATAM, demonstrate how FRESH offers designers incredible levels of creative freedom combined with hyper-realistic rendering quality at IBC 2019.

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Zero Delay

FRESH uniquely offers no video or audio delays for live production when paired with ChyronHego’s robotics camera tracking for virtual production.

One Platform, Multiple Applications.

Flexible for a number ofbroadcast production applications, FRESH helps create live studio content for virtual sets, set extensions, augmented reality graphics, video wall virtual windows and more.

Native 3D Primitives Library

Adapted for broadcast design needs, FRESH offers a native design toolkit inside Unreal to empower the creation of stunning 3D elements quickly and easily. The native primitive library includes 3D text and arrows, cubes, planes, triangles, tori and more.

Unreal-Based System

FRESH can work in conjunction with a series of plug-ins native to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, ensuring that designers can always take advantage of the latest UE4 feature releases.

Best-of-Breed Camera Tracking Support

FRESH supports all major camera tracking devices: ChyronHego Robotics, Mo-SyS, NCAM, Vinten, Shotoku, Stype and Technocrane.

Parallax Effects

With the built-in screen parallax features in FRESH, the virtual set background in your video wall moves and changes realistically in coordination with camera motion to add to the set’s realism.


FRESH Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


FRESH Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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