Simple and Powerful

Neon’s trackless virtual set system is as simple as it is powerful. Relying on our Krypton 3D engine and Ozone external control application, Neon is a sensor-less virtual set solution. Using fixed camera signals on a green screen, Neon allows astonishing virtual camera motions such as virtual roll, pan, travelling and crane movements.

Production Workflow and Space Simplified

Neon requires very little studio space, as the physical camera remains stationary. All of the complex camera moves that Neon supports are performed in software. Since no tracking system is used, set up time is significantly diminished – as is the cost of the system. This also allows Neon to be a portable virtual studio system.


Billboarding is a feature that, when turned on, allows the talent to remain facing their respective camera, regardless of the position of the virtual camera.

Multiple Camera Control and Powerful Functions

Neon also has an open interface to social media data and vision mixers, and uses a special widget called Mercury to control virtual camera motion and position, as well as camera switching. Neon, based on a simple PC architecture, can manage up to 6 HD streams that can be configured as inputs/outputs.

Upgrade to Tracking

Neon can be upgraded to a full tracking virtual set solution, using the same graphic engine, simply by adding our Cesium motion tracking software and camera tracking technology.

Streaming and Video Over IP

As streaming content grows, the engine is able to input and output in streaming format (e.g. RTMP, H.264, NDI). Several concurrent outputs are supported. This is the perfect solution for your digital feeds, digital newscasts, events and website.

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Not all stories are the same. This helps us tell the story, it helps us explain the story, it helps us show the story. We can use bigger images. We can use bolder images. We can change images more often. We can do things we’ve never been able to do before.


President and General Manager, First Coast News, Jacksonville, Florida

Neon Images

Neon Images


WTLV Virtual Graphics Customer Success Story

WTLV embraced ChyronHego’s virtual graphics solution as a normal piece of their storytelling workflow. They design augmented reality pieces to help convey sports, news, and sales elements.

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​Sensor-Less Technology

Real-Time, Software Based Internal Chroma-Keyer

Easy To Set Up

Can Operate With Any Existing Camera And Lens

Totally Portable Virtual Studio Software-Based Solution

No Need For Sophisticated Tracking Setup And Calibration

Multi-Camera Control

HDD Video Input Streams Whether Cameras Or VTR Inputs

Multiple Programs/Previews

Powerful Mercury Widget To Control Unlimited Virtual Cameras And Instant Camera Switching

Depth Of Field


Playlist Of Actions

Incredible List Of 2D Effects

(cut, wipe, PiP…)

Upgrade To Tracking Virtual Studio Available

On-Air Graphics Module

Local Scene Editing And Offline Preview

Unlimited Number Of Pre Recorded Video Files

(mpeg, avi, .mov)

Library Of Pre-Designed Sets

Inputs And Outputs Also In Streaming Format

(video over IP)

Powerful Shaders

(reflection module, refraction, shadows…)

Adjustable Reflection And Shadows For Talent


Neon Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


Neon Product Info Sheet

Download PDF


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